MTV Got Wrecked by a Disabled Person After Attempting to Virtue Signal on Their Behalf

Screenshot: Twitter video

If there’s one thing the left likes to do, it’s pretend that they represent the downtrodden, the minority, and in this case, the disabled. However, as they are consistently reminded — and consistently ignore — they don’t represent as many people as they think.


MTV had this proven to them recently after one of their writers, a disabled woman and activist named Vilissa Thompson wrote about how the three-hour runtime of Avengers: Endgame is proof that Hollywood is still ableist, or not considerate of those with disabilities:

Disability, within fandoms and in Hollywood, is constantly overlooked, whether that’s in connection to casual tweets to “just deal” with the runtime and hold your pee until the credits, or in regards to broader accessibility and inclusion issues, such as limited (or no) captioning made available to disabled moviegoers. The stark ableism of such remarks discounts the predicament disabled fans are faced with, and makes them feel invisible and isolated in spaces they occupy.

The article continues by stating that some people have disabilities that force them to use the restroom more often than others. For those who have this problem and have movement problems on top of that, watching a three-hour movie can be a task.

However, one disabled YouTuber noticed the article and didn’t take very kindly to the idea that he was a victim of Hollywood “ableism.”

Posting a video on Twitter, YouTuber Ricky Berwick demolished the MTV News article.

“I’ve seen the Avengers: Endgame two times,” said Berwick as he rolled into the shot on a mobility scooter.

“Don’t speak for us! Don’t speak for the disabled community if you are not disabled,” said Berwick. “You know what, MTV? Go play some music. That’s what you were good at. Don’t come after us! Don’t speak for us!”


In fairness, Thompson is a disabled woman herself, however the point Berwick made stands. Thompson is not representative of the entire disabled population. On top of that, considering anyone an “ist” or a “phobe” because it serves the greater population is just wrong.

This happens often to the left. They claim to represent women until women make it clear that the left doesn’t represent them. At that point, saying and doing things to women that the left allegedly finds horrible is okay. They represent gays until gays stand up and say they’re not with the left, and then they become a non-entity. The Democrats absolutely love to front that they’re the party of minorities, but if you’re black and a Republican, you may receive any number of racial insults, or in the case of Clarence Thomas, be accused of rape.

Berwick is just one example of millions that when it comes down to brass tacks, we’re individuals, not groups.


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