Parkland Survivor Kyle Kashuv Gives Rousing Speech, Asks Questions Dems Need to Answer...Now

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Kyle Kashuv was one of the students who survived the fateful shooting at Stoneman Douglass High on February 14 of last year. While many of his fellow students went on to found the “March for Our Lives,” which promoted gun control with the help of many leftist organizations, Kashuv went to Washington to help make real reforms.


As such, Kashuv has earned a reputation as a gun rights warrior, so it was no surprise that he was invited to speak at the NRA gathering on Friday.

While many who promote gun rights have extensive knowledge of statistics and facts, Kashuv has very unique knowledge. He almost became one of those statistics. His perspective is soaked in first-hand experience, and as such, understands that while the presence of a gun in the wrong hands can be deadly, the absence of one can be just as bad, if not worse.

Giving his speech to the NRA gathering, Kashuv asked questions of those who push gun control. The questions were simple, but it’s one that they simply avoid.

“Gun control is not only ineffective, it’s entirely dangerous,” said Kashuv.

“Why is it that every time there’s a shooting by some crazy gunman do we turn and disarm law-abiding citizens?” asked Kashuv. “Gun control only disarms law abiding citizens. Gun control never disarms criminals.”

“Why is it that after every single school shooting we seek to raise the age [to purchase firearms] from 18 to 21?” asked Kashuv.


“Why are we making it so that a single mother, who’s 20 with two kids, shouldn’t be able to defend her children,” he continued.

“All we want is to go home and be able to defend our families. That’s all we want.”

Kashuv also highlighted the importance of teachers being armed, and noted that schools with armed staff have never had an incident.

However, Kashuv highlighted that at the end of the day the one who is best suited to defend himself is himself, as the government has proven it’s untrustworthy to do any such thing.

“But what’s more startling is between me and my peers,” said Kashuv, “it’s that February 14 was a real reality check. I learned that I have to defend myself and that the government failed me.”

Kashuv’s questions are very pertinent, and having them answered by any Democrat — not just the 2020 crop of would be presidents — would be a miracle. It’s not likely to happen since answering these questions would show the glaring holes in their argument.


It would wake people up to the truth. They are disarming law abiding citizens. They are trying to prohibit people old enough to decide how this country should be run the right to defend themselves. They are stopping a single mother with children, arguably the most vulnerable of citizens, from stopping anyone from harming her and her family.

Guns aren’t going away. They were written into the very foundations of our country. What Kashuv has highlighted very clearly is that in order to curb the gun problem in our nation, the first step is realizing that the gun is not the problem.

It’s the lack of one.



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