University of Notre Dame's New Gender Relations Director Has Heinous History of Sexism

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The University of Notre Dame’s new gender relations director doesn’t hide her misandry well enough, if she’s trying to hide it at all. Looking through her past tweets, it’s clear that student Anne Jarrett is not very fond of men despite her numerous sexual encounters with them.


According to College Fix, Jarrett’s recent social media activity shows that she believes men “don’t deserve opinions” and that she doesn’t want to “f*** them.” However, in another tweet, she claims to have a “lot of sex with men” despite her apparent dislike of them:

Jarrett, a junior, tweeted March 29: “The only thing this has taught me is that men are gross and they don’t deserve opinions and I categorically do not want to f*** them.” This was in response to harassment she received on a post of herself wearing bike shorts to protest an op-ed that called leggings immodest.

She said in other tweets regarding men: “I have a lot of sex with men for someone who condemns so vehemently giving men opportunities to disappoint me,” and “Cory Booker is the only man who is allowed to speak ever again thank you this has been a PSA.”

In yet another example of statements that have caused some to worry about her ability to be the leader of positive relationships between genders at Notre Dame, she said in an Instagram post last year: “You can trust [women about their bodies]. If we wanted your ignorant, irrelevant opinions, we’d ask.”

She also seems to have a problem with the Catholic beliefs that her University represents.

“I see the [Catholic] faith as inherently against female empowerment and sexual freedom,” said Jarrett according to College Fix.

Upon some having a problem with her taking her directorial role within the university, Jarrett defended herself by stating that she was “not here to teach or promote my own agenda.” However, as College Fix reported, promoting her own agenda is exactly what she seems to be doing as indicated by her recent email to members of the Gender Relations department:


Addressing her department members as “folx,” (a gender-neutral term which includes transgender and non-binary people), she laid out some of the initiatives she plans to pursue in the next school year, including: “sexual assault prevention,” “trans* student rights,” “PRIDE week,” “pronoun emphasis,” “discussions about sex/gender/sexuality,” “menstrual product availability,” and “PARIETALS ‘reform’ (REMOVAL).”

Parietals is the policy at Notre Dame that people of the opposite sex are not allowed to be in the bedrooms of the university’s single sex dorms from midnight to 9 a.m. on weeknights and 2 a.m. to 9 a.m. on the weekends. In an article for the Huffington Post, Jarrett explained that she opposes this policy because “it seems to enforce heteronormativity and ignore that LGBTQ+ students exist here.”




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