WATCH: Here's a Helpful Video to Counter MSNBC's "Only Trump Uses the Collusion Term" Claim

The meltdown on the left has manifested some very bizarre claims by various talking heads in their desperate attempts to make anything — and I mean anything — look like a chink in the Mueller report’s armor.


Take, for instance, this panel on MSNBC where Neal Katyal, former acting solicitor general and current SCOTUS lawyer, literally tries to explain that lawyers don’t use the term “collusion,” which he claims is a term only used by President Donald Trump.

Thus, suggests Katyal, Attorney General William Barr is somehow in Trump’s back pocket.

It’s not exactly difficult to look back and find all the times that the term “collusion” was used by everyone in the media to paint Trump as a Russian operative. This is something Matt Wolking posted in a fun music video featuring everyone in the media, politicians, and their grandmothers using the term.

Even a quick search result on various news websites shows just how often the term “collusion” was thrown around by nearly everyone.


At CNN we get 2,044 results when the term is searched for.

Here are 500 stories on MSNBC itself when the word is searched for.

Here’s Vox…

Just for fun, let’s head over to NBC.

Even if many of these articles containing the word have nothing to do with Trump, there are enough about Trump to signify that the term was used ad nauseam by anyone trying to put Trump in Russia with the candlestick. For the past few years, we couldn’t escape hearing the word. I’m pretty sure some in the media were saying it in their sleep that they used it so often.

That said, I can’t necessarily blame the leftist media for making such bizarre and outrageous claims as the one Katyal made earlier today. For the longest time, they pinned all their hopes on the notion that Trump’s defeat would come at the hands of the Russian collusion narrative. Now that there is definitively no collusion, they’re rudderless.


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