Dave Rubin Wipes the Floor With Ted Lieu Over His Stunt With Candace Owens

(Screenshot: Dave Stossel's Interview with Dave Rubin for Reason)

As I covered previously, during a committee hearing on white nationalism, Republicans invited TPUSA’s  Candace Owens to testify. During the proceedings, Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.) attempted to character assassinate Owens by playing an out of context clip of Owens discussing nationalism and Hitler and making it seem that she was sympathetic to the mass murderer.


Owens didn’t take this lying down, and proceeded to verbally obliterate Lieu, pointing out his blatant lie about her. The response was so devastating that by the end of it, Lieu seemingly sat in stunned and awkward silence.

Apparently, the wound Lieu received is still making him sore, as he still attempts to defend himself by utilizing the same clip that doesn’t allow Owens the full explanation of what she was speaking about. He recently tweeted the clip to Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) after Crenshaw pointed out the response from Owens to Lieu.

Talk show host Dave Rubin, however, wasn’t having it. Since Lieu’s lie was already exposed, Rubin brought attention to the fact that he’s still beating the dead horse, and added that his monumental blunder and subsequent cowardice wasn’t at all covered by mainstream sources.


This prompted Lieu to respond with an “FYI” toward Rubin that linked to an opinion piece at the Washington Post which, unsurprisingly, wasn’t exactly kind to Owens. Why he thought this would turn the tide is anyone’s guess, but Rubin fired back.

Rubin asked Lieu a very simple “yes or no” question about whether or not he thinks Owens approved of what Hilter did to the Jews.

Lieu responded by stating he didn’t know what Owens believed but posted yet another article allowing another publication, this time from Jewish writers, with unfriendly things to say about Owens as a way to hide behind them.

Rubin was astounded and called Lieu out for his cowardice and made it clear that Lieu is definitely implying that Owens does indeed support Hitler’s treatment of the Jews.


To me, it seems Lieu’s actions look more like someone who knows he’s caught and won’t admit he messed up than someone who actually believes what he’s selling. Admitting he’s wrong at this point would look bad for him, and to his eyes the best bet is to continue to sell the lie as long as possible.

Looking at the responses on the internet, however, it would appear that nearly no one is buying the theatrics Lieu is trying to sell the public.

He, like some of his Democrat colleagues, seem to love being ratio’d.



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