Artist of the Sensational "Strange Planet" Comics Under Attack for Pro-Life Beliefs

Pro-life and anti-abortion advocates demonstrate in front of the Supreme Court early Monday, June 25, 2018. The justices are expected to hand down decisions today as the court's term comes to a close. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

If you haven’t seen the comic known as “Strange Planet” yet, then it might be one of the most entertaining and hysterical comics you’ve seen since Gary Larson’s “Far Side.” However, the comic’s artist, Nathan Pyle, is coming under attack after revealing his pro-life stances.


The comic became an internet sensation after comic strips began appearing on Twitter and Reddit to massive circulation and upvotes. The comics involve human activities being done by aliens, and highlights how routine things we do are actually incredibly odd, and even hilariously ridiculous when viewed from the outside.

Take this comic about a yard sale, and creating playlists.

Or ordering through a drive-thru and taking a relaxing bath.

Also, blowing bubbles and going to the dentist.

At some point, Pyle’s friend “Soojin” posted a pro-life message on her Facebook page, which Pyle shared to his Twitter, adding that when he thinks about the #MarchForLife, he thinks about her and is thankful she was given the gift of life.

This didn’t sit well with the pro-abortion outrage mob, and an outraged mob quickly formed to tell him of his wrong thing, starting with one Twitter user who brought it to everyone’s attention.

The deluge began.


Assumedly having never encountered the outrage mob before, Pyle quickly attempted damage control by capitulation, leaving a message on Twitter stating that while they do have the Christian faith, they vote Democrat.

“My wife Taylor and I have private beliefs as they pertain to our Christian faith. We also believe separation of church and state is crucial to our nation flourishing. Our votes go toward the Democratic Party.

Additionally we are troubled by what the Republican Party has become and do not want to be associated with it.”

As is the way with the outrage mob, however, there would be no abatement despite his attempts to placate them. Regardless, the monster would eat him.


To be fair, many were sympathetic to Pyle’s plight and wished him well regardless of his political affiliation. His voting Democrat doesn’t make his comics any less good, but it does cast aspersions on his pro-life stance. Voting in people who have recently wanted to make abortion legal even past the point of birth, venturing into infanticide, is an odd way of being pro-life.


It was also not wise of Pyle to cast shade on Republicans in his desperation, but I’m willing to give him a pass here. For those not used to the mob, the mob can be incredibly frightening.

Regardless, his voting Democrat will not stop me from enjoying “Strange Planet.” If I cut out Democrat voter’s creations then I would have to cut out quite a bit of things I enjoy watching or playing. That said, it’s sad that in this day age, Pyle had to answer for being grateful that someone was given the gift of life and that he hopes more can experience this gift without it being taken prematurely.

(h/t: Bounding Into Comics)



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