WATCH: SJW Physically and Verbally Attacks Mexican Woman for Wearing a MAGA Hat

Screenshot: Paloma for Trump Facebook Video

I’m losing track of how often this has happened now.

Yet another attack has been carried out on a person for wearing a MAGA hat, this time it was a result of a white social justice warrior getting angry with a Mexican woman and attempting to lay hands on her.


The woman goes by “Paloma for Trump” and is Hispanic in ethnicity. According to her she is Mexican born and moved to America after her mother married an American man. She is now an American citizen and as her social media account suggests, a Trump supporter.

Her support extends to wearing a MAGA hat wherever she goes, and while at the post office she ran into one woman who apparently was so upset by the presence of the hat that she verbally attacked Paloma. At this point, Paloma got her camera out and began to film.

This upset the woman who attempted to physically stop her from recording, and upon failing, demanded the post office do something itself. Upon claiming the woman didn’t harass Paloma, a postal worker noted that he saw the whole thing and that the woman was indeed at fault and that he would call the cops.

They continued yelling at one another until the woman called Paloma a “racist,” which Paloma mocked her over since she was Mexican.

“Yeah, so racist. Listen to your argument,” said Paloma.

Paloma told the woman that she has no reason to harass someone and upon further argument, the woman became physical a second time.


The woman pulled out her own phone and began recording, mocking Paloma, and claiming that she never touched her.

Eventually, the woman left as Paloma remarked twice that she was a “psycho.”

These stories continue to build with those who attack people wearing MAGA hats ranging from random crazies like this one to the mainstream media itself.

So far, stories that have come out recently include one Palo Alto woman harassing a man wearing a MAGA hat in a Starbucks, going so far as to trying to find out where his children were going to school. Another story involved a 14-year-old Kansas teen being harassed by a Van’s apparel store employee who demanded the boy take off the hat, then upon not doing so said “f**k  you” to the teen. In both incidents, the harassers were fired from their jobs.

Another man in Tennessee reportedly had a gun pulled on him due to him wearing a MAGA hat.

The most high-profile attack came at the hands of the mainstream media on the Covington Catholic students wearing MAGA hats while at the March for Life in D.C.

The attacks involved flat lies about what the students were doing, and even after it was proven that the students were innocent of all charges, the media continued to resort to petty means to prove the boys as racist as the media claimed by going through photos and videos from the high school, eventually landing on an accusation of “blackface” at a sporting event that proved to just be a “blackout.”


This high-profile harassment by major news organizations resulted in very serious threats being made toward the students and forced the school to close down for a day over safety concerns.

The harassment of teens and minorities by the left over MAGA hats is a true sign of the detirioration of political discourse today.



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