"Empire" Writers Spike Football On Jussie Smollett Victory, Internet Fires Back

By now you’ve heard that “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett has had all 16 felony counts against him dropped.

If you haven’t, my colleague Sister Toldja has the initial report, and Bonchie has details as to why it was dropped. To see the reasons are infuriating is putting lightly.


But if you’re looking for a barometer on how people feel about Smollett getting away with everything he has, then I present to you the Twitter account for the writers of “Empire” who decided to parade the fact that Smollett dodged justice around, and added that the show would see us all on Wednesday when it airs.

If the show was looking to find support within the court of public opinion, it definitely won’t find it on the internet. In no time flat, the show found itself deluged in angry responses, and promises that the show would not be on their viewing list.





At the time of this writing, the Empire account has received nearly 3,000 responses, dwarfing the number of retweets and likes it has received. This is what’s called “getting ratio’d,” which is what happens on Twitter when someone says something on Twitter that displeases the internet.

In this case, the internet has spoken, and they don’t find Smollett’s sudden escape from justice as funny or endearing as FOX producers do.

It also should be noted that the DOJ and the FBI are still investigating Smollett. He’s not done with the law yet.


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