Dan Crenshaw Proves Why He's the Perfect Counterbalance to Ocasio-Cortez

With all the ridiculous nonsense flowing like a raging river from the mouth of New York’s Democratic freshman congresswoman and consummate “democratic socialist” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, it’s nice to see that not every freshman who entered Congress is a complete nutcase.


Texas Republican congressman Dan Crenshaw recently exhibited that common sense still exists in D.C.

Posting a moment he had on Twitter, Crenshaw expresses the fact that we in our society believe that a bigger dollar sign on bills must mean we have a bigger heart. The problem is that in the end, these are foolish policies that end up wasting a ton of money.

“Let’s get some things straight about the budget: spending more money doesn’t make you morally superior. More dollars for unsustainable programs doesn’t mean you have a bigger heart,” tweeted Crenshaw along with a video.

“My generation will suffer if we don’t start making responsible reforms to our spending,” he added.

In the video, he expresses his disappointment over the fact that even mentioning that you want to cut spending to programs automatically makes you anti-this or anti-that, and that having certain disabilities doesn’t necessarily mean you should qualify for disability pay.


Just to make sure the point is made clear, he references his own disability: The eye he lost in service of this country.

“I am not disabled,” said Crenshaw after revealing that the federal government and military told him to get on disability programs.

“I have a thing going on here,” he said pointing to his eye. “Kind of a disability, but I am not disabled. I should not get that money.”

Crenshaw has proven to be one of the most honest politicians in D.C., even going so far as to refuse his congressional paycheck during the government shutdown in solidarity with federal workers.

So we have one freshman who cooks up ridiculous socialist nonsense that would even allow those refusing to work to be paid, and one who thinks that he shouldn’t get taxpayer dollars despite losing an eye for us.

I really hope he runs for President some day.


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