Bad News, Biden: CNN Focus Group Rejects the Democrats' Last Best Hope Against Trump

Since talk of 2020 began, one person consistently polled well enough to give President Donald Trump pause, and that was former VP Joe Biden. However, as we inch closer to the election, Biden seems to be slipping from the Democrats’ top candidate spot.


In November of last year, Biden topped the list in terms of the top candidates Democrats wish to see run against Trump. However, as time went on, Democrats began voicing their anger and disappointment that, once again, the party of the left is putting forward a white man as their leader. Soon, the attacks on Biden began.

To further test the waters, CNN gathered a panel of Democrats to ask them how they felt about Biden as an option. All six Democrats rejected the idea, stating that “his time is done.”

“I will be honest. He was riding the Obama wave and I thought he was a person that would unite the party, but to be honest, Sen. Biden really comes from kind of the good old boy politics of the past,” Democrat Russel Banks said.

“I don’t think Joe Biden represents that new thing that we need. We need a new economy, we need new politics and we need someone different,” Democrat Owen Evans added.

Democrats seem to be more interested in having a candidate that is anything but white and male, however, many Democrats aren’t interested in having someone who leans too into the radical parts of the left, as many like Kamala Harris have exhibited. In fact, a third of Democrats have indicated that they would jump ship for a more centrist third option in the form of former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz.


It’s still too early to call, however. CNN has been giving town hall platforms to Democrats who announced their intent to run, including Harris, Bernie Sanders, and Amy Klobuchar. Doubtless, they would give one to Biden if and when he decides to announce his candidacy, which will further elevate his star among Democrat voters.

However, how the lineup will look by the time the elections roll around may be awfully skewed toward the radical left if the pattern continues as it is. Biden isn’t doing himself any favors either, as he tells people overseas that America is an embarrassment over its treatment of children at the border, a treatment he and his boss Barack Obama employed during their time in power.

Time will tell, but it would appear that Democrats may turn their back on Biden before the end, and if they do that, they may be turning their back on 2020.


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