Nikki Haley Checkmates Nancy Pelosi's "Protect God's Creation" Virtue Signal

Nikki Haley delivers flawless "boy you messin up" face. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

The hypocrisy of Democrats is often astounding, as one moment they’re preaching about doing anything it takes to save just one life, then getting on radio stations and suggesting infanticide should be included as a choice in the quest for women’s health.


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, for one, is no stranger to this kind of thing and decided to wax poetic about our moral responsibility to protect the environment, or as she called “God’s creation.”

“We have a moral responsibility to protect God’s creation for generations to come. That is why today, we named members to the Select Committee on the Climate Crisis,” Pelosi tweeted.

This tweet left many scratching their heads. Pelosi’s concern about God’s creation and generations came with no asterisk, which it should have in light of the fact that Pelosi is also a yuge fan of the abortion industry.

Former UN ambassador and future President of the United States (shut up, yes she is) Nikki Haley was among those who thought the Speaker’s tweet was a little bit too questionable.

“Does God’s creation not include protecting babies as well Madame Speaker? A committee on that issue would be welcome,” tweeted Haley.

Pelosi didn’t answer, and how could she? However, Haley’s tweet was a shot heard round the internet.


It’s a very solid question to ask, however. If Pelosi is so concerned with future generations, then why is she pulling out the stops for the abortion industry?

She also went out of her way to avoid any questions about Virginia Governor Ralph Northam’s infanticide quote, acting as if she’d never even heard of it when she was asked about it by reporters, and quickly trying to move on from the question.

Pelosi isn’t truly concerned about future generations, she’s concerned about Democratic power and the fulfilling of agendas. Haley’s shot of a question was a bullseye, and Pelosi should be pressed on this every time she wanders too close to a working video camera.



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