Joy Behar Accidentally Admits the Media's Desperation to Beat Trump Is So Bad That They'll Knee-Jerk Attack Kids

I’m trying to recall how many times the press has royally screwed up in their desperation to nail President Donald Trump and conservatives with something, anything that can prove what they’ve been saying right all along about us and/or finally kick Trump out of office.


So desperate for a win is the mainstream press that they’ve resorted to attacking children wearing the hats of the man they hate the most in this universe. I need not recite the saga of the Covington Catholic students to you at this point, but suffice to say that in their rush to find a smoking gun, they subjected innocent children to the sadistic will of the outraged mob, and took the side of a liar in order to do so.

On The View, co-host Whoopie Goldberg was recounting the story to her colleagues and asked the strikingly self aware question of “why do we keep making the same mistake” in regards to rushing out to make judgments about stories.

Co-host Joy Behar was either being equally self-aware or was trying to quip for applause when she gave her immediate answer that actually had nothing to do with the kids.

“Because we’re desperate to get Trump out of office,” said Behar to applause from her audience.

“I think that that’s the reason,” she continued. “I think the press jumps the gun a lot because we just have so much circumstantial evidence against this guy that we basically are hoping that, you know, Cohen’s got the goods and what have you. So it’s wishful thinking.”

Goldberg reminded Behar that they were talking about the kids to laughter from the audience.


The audience might be laughing, but when you really dissect what was just said there, it’s actually kind of disturbing. Behar seemed to forget about the kids. All she saw was Trump.

I find it telling that in a story about kids that had little to nothing to do with Trump, Behar immediately brought the mainstream media’s fight with Trump up as if that’s exactly what they were talking about. It’s as if the media is so obsessed with their struggle against Trump that they’ll lash out at anything and anyone that bears even the smallest connection to him. In this case, the kid was wearing the signature red hat, and like an angry bull, the press saw only red.

As a result, the media unleashed upon school children. Like Goldberg, we asked ourselves how something like this could happen. Behar just gave us the answer, albeit accidentally.

They don’t see the school children. They just see Trump.


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