Media: Kids In Drag Next to Naked Men Is Progressive and Brave, but a Kid in a MAGA Hat Better Not Smile

Not long ago, too many in the media and the left were cheerleading some things that I found completely unconscionable. Not because I’m a right-leaning Christian, but because the things I saw involved the sexualizing of children, and were demonstrably wrong.


Then I saw the media foam at the mouth in fury at a MAGA hat-wearing teen smiling and became perplexed.

The first stunning and brave thing I saw from the leftist media was the celebration of the famous 11-year-old drag-queen with the stage name “Desmond Is Amazing” dancing on stage at a gay bar late at night while patrons threw money at him like a stripper. This is a disgusting display of pedophilia, but for the left, it was a celebration of free expression and acceptance. The Daily Beast and drag legend RuPaul call Desmond Is Amazing inspirational, and a look at the future.

The second was a picture taken for a Huck Magazine story on the life of 10-year-old Young Nemis, (a.k.a. “Queen Lactacia”). In the photo, Nemis is posing with the Season 7 winner of “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” Violet Chachki who is completely naked save for a pair of heels and a small piece of fabric covering his genitals. What did make it into the Huck Magazine story, however, was a picture of Nemis in a dress with legs spread on a couch which looks just as sexual.

The troubling thing is that while I did see members of the left and the LGBT community frown and denounce these things, there was no media explosion. No calls for actions or even an urging for a more moral stance when it came to the sexualization of children. For the most part, if you’re not paying attention to the news, these events may have gone by without you even noticing.

Fast forward to this weekend during the March for Life and we have a viral picture of a teenager in a MAGA hat smiling at a Native American protestor. According to the leftist media’s breathless reporting, the evil white Catholic teenage males accosted Native American Vietnam Veteran, Nathan Phillips while he was beating a Native American drum.


The media went crazy, with a video of one of the MAGA hat wearing students smiling at Phillips. An image from the video went viral, and the left had their smoking gun that MAGA hat wearing white kids and all their racist tendencies were as horrible as the left and the media have been saying they are for ages now. What’s more, they were at the March for Life! Double whammy!

All hell broke loose. Democrat lawmakers were calling for the banning of MAGA hats on teens. The kids began receiving death threats according to their account, and were accused of being members of the KKK. The media couldn’t stop talking about it.

Then it turned out it was a misreported story. As RedState has covered extensively, the students gave their side of the story which puts the whole thing in context, right down to the smiling teen in the MAGA hat. It turns out the kids were chanting school mottos to drown out the racist things being shouted at them from a nearby Black Hebrew Israelites group. Phillips had actually approached them, not the other way around, and was beating the drum in the kids face in order to provoke him. The teens were actually confused about the intent of Phillips, not sure if he was there to help them or confront them.

Regardless, the public onslaught continues despite the fact that members of the media are now backing away slowly from the story. In the end, the real criticism on the side of the Catholic teens is why their chaperones didn’t back the kids away from the confrontations in the first place.


All in all, however, the amount of outrage and explosive coverage of a teen smiling at a Native American activist beating a drum close to his face seems silly in the face of the sexualization of children.

The media seems rather mute on the fact that kids are being sexualized due to the fact that the sexualization is occurring inside the LGBT community. Yet, it wasn’t long ago that we were outraged over Kevin Spacey sexualizing teen boys, yet no word on a major backlash from the media over the Desmond or Nemis stories.

There are no calls from politicians to ban this or that. No major media stories generating outrage. No protests, or interviews from the LGBT community about the situation.

To the leftist media, it’s apparently just fine to put kids in pictures with naked men, and have them dance around on stage in the late hours at a bar while patrons cheer and throw money.

Don’t you dare put on a MAGA hat and smile, though.


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