WATCH: New Series "Walls Across America" Shows Us Democrat's Walls Around Their Homes Starting With George Soros

Screenshot: YouTube

For all the bloviating we hear from Democrats about how walls are immoral and even racist, the Democrats sure do love to live behind walls themselves.

In fact, the relationship between the left and walls is so regular that the Daily Caller’s Benny Johnson decided to start his own series where he travels to the homes of various leftists in order to check out the walls around their homes.


The series “Walls Across America” starts with Johnson traveling to Long Island, New York, to see how big the billionaire Democratic donor and activist George Soros’ wall is. As you’ve likely already guessed, the will is massive.

Sitting somewhere around ten feet tall and spanning the length of an entire block, Soros lives behind a very secure stone wall that Johnson describes as “properly medieval.”

Of course, Soros is tied to groups known as “Demand Justice” which fight against such things as the border wall.

As Johnson states in the video, the purpose of showing everyone the wall around Soros’s home isn’t to troll Soros, but to point out that Soros has things he would love to protect within his home including his family, and chooses to do so by erecting a large wall around his home.

As President Donald Trump said in his Oval Office address, you don’t build walls because you hate the people outside, but love what you have inside. If a wall is good enough for a Democratic billionaire donor, then it should be good enough for the entire nation of the United States of America.


Astounding hypocrisy aside, Soros should have the common decency to and logistical mind to understand that walls work and that people would want to have one to protect their nation from a crisis that is definitely not manufactured.

Even the Washington Post admits that.


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