New Border Crisis: A Second Migrant Caravan Is On Its Way Here from Honduras, and Will Soon Enter Mexico

The migrant caravan from Honduras that stormed our border and is still currently attempting to come into the United States was trouble enough, but we’re about to get a second round.


According to Reuters, Mexican authorities are meeting to gear up for the arrival of the new caravan:

Mexican authorities will meet with Central American officials to prepare for the arrival of a planned new caravan of migrants headed to the United States next week.

The head of Mexico’s immigration office, Tonatiuh Guillen, left on Wednesday on a trip to El Salvador and Honduras to meet with his counterparts and other authorities, said Interior Ministry spokesman Hector Gandini.

Mexico hopes to discourage a mass exodus from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, and wants Central Americans who decide to migrate north to do so in an orderly way and through legal ports of entry.

The U.S. is already piling up with requests for asylum at the border, and according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, border agents apprehended 27,518 members of “family units” in the month of December, hitting the highest monthly total on record.

This is only likely to be exacerbated with the arrival of a second caravan.

President Donald Trump’s Tuesday Oval Office address attempted to appeal to the American people to put support behind his struggle to find $5 billion for the wall, but Democrats are putting up an equally tenacious struggle.


The amount of people attempting to enter the border is also posing something of a health risk as well, as a number of sicknesses such as flu and tuberculosis are running rampant among the migrants according to the Washington Times:

CBP Commissioner Kevin McAleenan said most of those needing help were ill when they arrived at the border, and some appear to have made the initial decision to leave even while ailing.

“Many were ill before they departed their homes,” the commissioner said. “We’re talking about cases of pneumonia, tuberculosis, parasites. These are not things that developed urgently in a matter of days.”

At this time, the standoff over the border between Republicans and Democrats doesn’t look to be ending anytime soon, however, Vice-President Mike Pence has made it clear that there will be no deals made unless Democrats include border funding.

(h/t: Legal Insurrection)


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