Brazil's New President Plans to Improve Brazil's Educational Ranking by Tossing "Marxist Garbage" Out of the Curriculum

Bye, Comrade Felicia.

Mark this as the day Brazil’s prosperity began to grow, because according to Brazil’s new President, Jair Bolsonaro, the Marxism that has infected his country’s educational system is being shown the deepest garbage chute he can find.


Bosonaro took to Twitter on Wednesday to outline one of the plans he has for his administration — one which involves getting rid of the “Marxist garbage” plaguing the kids.

“One of our strategies to get Brazil to climb from the lowest spots of the educational rankings is to tackle the Marxist garbage in our schools head on,” he tweeted. “We shall succeed in forming citizens and not political militants.”

According to Ashe Schow of the Daily Wire, Bolsonaro is also planning to relieve the strict gun laws that are currently causing trouble for citizens who wish to defend themselves.

While this is all well and good, Bolsonaro still hails from a country that defines freedoms differently from the U.S., as Schow points out:

His point about the education system is encouraging, depending on how he goes about achieving this goal. Just after Bolsonaro won the election, he showed support for a viral post from a high-school history teacher calling for students to report teachers who express outrage over the new president’s victory. Bolsonaro suggested students across the country do this. Teachers told the Nation they have to now “police” themselves and are being “censored.”

Bolsonaro enters the presidency with a 75% approval rating. If he can remove the left-wing bias from schools – without using totalitarian tactics – perhaps there is hope for students around the world.


Regardless, moving away from a statist education system would help shift the country into a more free direction — one that could help it define freedoms the way they are actually meant to be defined.

All the best towards Brazil’s new President and Brazil’s coming prosperity.


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