WATCH: Transgendered Man Identifying as a Woman LOSES IT When Store Employee "Misgenders" Him

Screenshot: Twitter video

Transgenderism is unnatural as evidenced by the fact that humans have demonstrated biological consistencies in sex since we were raised up out of the dirt, and we’ve understood these patterns both as a society and by our own instinctual natures since around the same time.


So it’s no wonder that in an age when transgenderism has become all the rage, many people are going to accidentally (or purposely in some cases) misgender someone completely out of instinctual habit. Many people aren’t going out of their way to do it, but with transgendered individuals making up and inth of an inth of the population, it’s bound to happen.

For some in the transgender community, however, misgendering is one of the gravest sins a person can commit, and doing so can come with serious consequences for the person who did the misgendering. This might come in the form of siccing the mob on the guilty party, or it may even come with physical violence.

For one employee a video game store, it almost meant both.

The video starts with the man dressed in women’s clothing and shoulder-length blond hair for his money back from an employee behind a counter. The man accuses the employee of calling him “sir.”

The employee then calls him “sir,” whether on purpose or out of nervousness is unknown. This throws the man into a fit who then begins screaming obscenities and threatening the employee.

“Motherf**ker – take it outside – you wanna call me sir again, I will show you a f**king sir!”


The employee repeatedly apologizes, but the man continues to be irate, demanding he be given the businesses corporate number.

Before the man leaves, he accuses the clerk of “disrespecting trans people in this store” then threatens to tell “the entire LGBTQ community.”

It’s interesting that the man intended on notifying the “LGBT community” of the transgression of an employee. What kind of fate the guy had in store for the employee is up for interpretation, but judging by patterns, I’m willing to bet this guy was willing to ruin the employee’s life over a word he didn’t like.

It’s my honest hope that this employee never has to hear from his guy or any kind of mob. He doesn’t deserve the hate.


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