Trump Mocks Beto O'Rourke as a Loser Over His Consideration for a 2020 Presidential Run

Failed Texas Senatorial candidate Robert Francis O’Rourke, more commonly known as “Beto,” has been skyrocketing in the polls and many on the left would love to see him attempt a run at the Presidency in 2020, but President Donald Trump doesn’t seem to be worried.


In fact, he’s mocking O’Rourke.

According to The Hill, Trump was at a bill signing when he scoffed at O’Rourke while congratulating Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) on his victory over the Texas Democrat.

“Now he’s running for president. I thought you were supposed to win before you run for president,” Trump said in front of the press.

Last month, O’Rourke mentioned that he hadn’t ruled out running in 2020 against Trump after declaring flatly that he wouldn’t. The clues, however, were all there, as O’Rourke still retains a lot of money in his campaign coffers, which he previously refused to share.

O’Rourke has been rating high in the 2020 polls among Democrats for some time now, usually finishing in the top two or three spots beneath former vice-President Joe Biden. In one poll, O’Rourke even surpassed Biden, and rumors have abounded that the two may wind up as a team going into 2020.


The Texas Democrat’s loss to Cruz hasn’t slowed down his momentum with the left at all, it seems. In fact, it’s only made him more popular with his 2020 prospects wide open. Being a creation of the media during the midterms, it will be interesting to see who it backs going into 2020. He or Biden.

Regardless, Trump seems to believe that he can easily defeat what is essentially Obama 2.0. With a list of scandals in O’Rourke’s past, including an incident where he attempted to flee the scene of a drunk driving incident, as well as a scandal involving cronyism in his hometown of El Paso, Trump may find himself with an advantage.


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