Ted Cruz Savages Jimmy Kimmel In a Single Tweet After Kimmel Airs Skit Claiming Cruz Should be In Hell

Late Night show host Jimmy Kimmel seems a bit bitter toward Republican Texas Senator Ted Cruz, and he made that clear during a skit on his show on Tuesday night. Sadly, for him, Kimmel once again found himself on the losing end of the exchange.


Say what you will about Ted Cruz, but the guy strikes back better than the Empire.

Kimmel’s aforementioned skit involved him talking to “God” about a statue on loan during the Christmas season from the Satanic Temple of Chicago that featured a woman’s hand holding aloft an apple with a snake wrapped around her arm.

Kimmel mentioned the outrage around the presence of the Satanic statue in the state’s capital and mentioned that instead of talking to religious leaders, that he’d go straight to the source and speak to God directly. The screen behind him activated to show “god” played by Billy Crystal. After some back and forth banter, Crystal’s “god” character claimed that he’s cool with the statue being there because he and Satan were now friends.

He was then joined by Satan who was being played by Dave Grohl. The two talked back and forth and wound up mentioning their favorite game “who gets who.” Cruz came up, resulting in a game of rock paper scissors. Crystal’s “god” won, and he declared that since he won, Satan is going to get Cruz.

“Wait, you won! He’s all yours!” cried Grohl.

“No, no, I don’t want him. Jimmy, that face? For eternity? Ew,” said Crystal.

“I don’t want him either! I don’t want him either!” said Grohl

“Tough luck, buddy, I won!” said Crystal.


In terms of comedic value, it had little. Coming off more awkward than not. In fact, audiences don’t seem to be taking well to it, and the tweet Kimmel tweeted the video out in is currently getting ratio’d.

Regardless, Cruz saw the video and tweeted a wondered allowed if Kimmel is still bitter over losing to Cruz during their one-on-one basketball game.

“Really getting into the Christmas spirit, Jimmy Kimmel just aired a skit with “God & Satan” arguing and eventually deciding that I should go to Hell,” tweeted Cruz. “It’s almost as if Jimmy’s feelings are still hurt that I kicked his ass at hoops….”




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