Netanyahu's Son Responds to Suspension from Facebook Over Anti-Palestinian Comments

The son of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Yair Netanyahu, was suspended from Facebook for a 24 hour period over comments he made on the platform about Palestinians needing to leave Israel.


The 27-year-old Netanyahu was apparently frustrated over the deaths of two Israeli soldiers in Givat Assaf and wrote a rant on his Facebook page where he said there would be no peace in Israel until all the Muslims left according to the Jerusalem Post.

“There will not be peace here until: 1. All the Jews leave the land of Israel. 2. All the Muslims leave the land of Israel. I hope it’s the second,” Yair posted on Facebook.

The Jerusalem Post reported that after he received backlash about his post, he defended himself.

“Why are people who have been calling to evacuate the settlers and establish a Palestinian state free of Jews appalled by this post?” he wrote.

“Do you know where there are no terror attacks In Iceland and Japan? Coincidentally there’s also no Muslim population there,” he continued.

It wasn’t long until Facebook took action and suspended Netanyahu. According to Fox News, Netanyahu noted this platforms hypocrisy over its allowance of terrorist groups who have vowed to kill Jewish people to thrive on Facebook.

“The thought police of the radical progressives at Facebook have reached me as well!” Yair said in the deleted Facebook post, according to the BBC. “Hamas, Hezbollah and the Iranian regime have official pages on Facebook. There are also endless pages calling for the destruction of Israel and the murder of Jews.”

He continued: “Thousands of violent and extreme left-wing posts against me and my family, including threats of physical violence and immoral murder threats. All of these do not violate Facebook’s community rules.”


While it’s not the smartest idea to call for the casting out of Muslims from Israel, Netanyahu finds himself in the position of being right for the wrong reasons. Islamic Palestinians do create a lot of unnecessary death and destruction in Israel, however, to paint every Muslim with that broad a brush isn’t right. Many Muslims are just as peaceful as the Jewish Israelis.

That said, he is correct about Facebook’s hypocrisy. Netanyahu’s post is nothing compared to some of the things pro-Palestinian groups post. A lawsuit in 2016 was brought against Facebook for essentially being a Hamas attack coordinator, while it and other social media platforms have played host to terrorist groups who planned attacks through their platforms over it. That a lawsuit had to be brought about in order for Facebook to take action is bad enough.

Mainstream social media platforms are typically slow to act against anyone on the left or considered a left-wing cause, while it immediately takes action against anyone on the right.


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