WATCH: The Progressive Left Has Gone Insane and There's Video to Prove It

Something has happened to the left over the course of the last decade that has sent them spiraling into some sort of disturbed mental state. Many of its more progressive members, especially those who engage in social justice, act as if they just ran into Cthulu in the flesh, with all the insanities that go with such a meeting.


Personally, I blame the consequences that come with adhering to critical theory. When you’ve trained your brain to focus on everything that is wrong with society, or invent a reason if you can’t find one, you begin to feel like you live in an unfixable, horrible place that no one else but you can see. Every victory that your political opponents enjoy, be they minor or major, becomes a way bigger deal than it actually is. Any defiance of your personal morality, which you’re programmed to think is absolute, sends you into a childlike tantrum or screaming fit.

And boy have we witnessed some screaming fits from the hard left.

In a compilation video from the Daily Caller, we witnessed SJWs and leftists losing their fragile minds over…well, everything. Much of the footage is taken from students in Universities, proving that the last place you want to send your child for education is to one of the places meant for that very purpose.

Depending on your standpoint, you may find this footage a reason to be sad. Some of you might find it absolutely hilarious.

Personally, I find it to be both.


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