WATCH: Kid Rock Says "Screw that Joy Behar B*tch" to Massive Applause During Live Television

Joy Behar isn’t exactly the most popular person to conservatives, and who can blame them for not liking her?

Behar has been on record as referring to Christianity as a mental disease and accused “white men” of not protecting women from men likely guilty of sexual assault like Brett Kavanaugh, in one statement fueling racist rhetoric and flat out painting a man of being guilty of a horrible crime he clearly wasn’t guilty of.


And that was just recently.

Among those who dislike her the most is Robert Ritchie, more commonly known as “Kid Rock.” Kid Rock is no stranger to conservative approval, oftentimes speaking out against leftist politicians, and at one point pretending to run for office on the Republican ticket as a publicity stunt, oddly enough gaining huge approval from the right.

Ritchie loves his one-liners too. Not long ago he made headlines when a reporter asked Ritchie if President Donald Trump should fire Jeff Sessions as he made his way into the White House. Ritchie simply responded, “they should fire you.”

Now we can add one more quote to the ever-growing pile of conservative-friendly rhetoric from Ritchie.

While being interviewed on Fox and Friends, Kid Rock was preaching about how both the left and the right should come together and be more friendly, ditch the angry rhetoric, and stop going for each other’s throats with every word said.

Of course, Ritchie immediately put a caveat in there for Behar.

“Screw that Joy Behar b*tch,” said Ritchie, immediately generating cheers from the crowd.


I’ll leave it up to you as to whether or not Ritchie was wrong to say it. Fox News certainly seemed to think so judging by their immediate reaction. Still, whether or not you disagree with Ritchie’s approach, it’s understandable why so many would cheer hearing it. Behar isn’t exactly the nicest of people.


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