Watch: Crazed Leftist Attacks Trump Supporters at Protest Against CNN

Screenshot: YouTube

I’ve lost count of how many times a rabid anti-Trump/anti-Republican leftist has resorted to violence now.

The latest example comes from YouTube user Richard Moorehead, who caught footage of anti-CNN demonstraters at what they called the “Fake News Protest.” The protesters were carrying around flags that bore Trump’s name and slogan “Make America Great Again,” as well as the Gadsden and American flags.


As the man started filming, a young man wearing black came charging across the road and began swinging at the protesters, causing them to fight back. The attacker ended up on the ground, screaming something unrecognizable.

The young man then got off the ground for a second round, once again screaming incoherently before being pushed back to the ground again. The man filming told the attacker to stand down and threatened to pepper spray him if he tried to attack again. Other protesters tried to gently urge the man to calm down.

“You go to hell!” the protester said.

At that point, a police officer approached and the crowd began to tell him of what happened, prompting the attacker to scream “shut up!” The officer, however, said he saw the whole thing.

The attacker then told the protesters that they needed to get a life and that they were all going to be sent to jail before being escorted away by the officer.


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