Florida Democrat Reveals Wildly STUPID Plan to Turn Red States Into Blue States

Democrats don’t know how to run an economy as evidenced by the fact that every economy they touch just goes to hell in a handbasket.

Living in a blue state is expensive due to higher taxes, overregulation, and policies that suck money out of your wallet faster than a stripper a lonely guy swears up and down is into him. It’s why blue state residents are fleeing to red states by the hundreds of thousands, with states like New York and California being the ones losing the most.


See, Republicans DO know how to run an economy. They keep taxes low and make it easier for businesses to operate without too much regulatory intervention. A prosperous economy keeps prices down and housing affordable.

But screw that. At the end of the day, what really matters is that Democrats feel like they’re helping you because their heart is in the right place…according to them at least. That Republican policies work seems to be completely lost on Democrats, as their feelings run interference with logic.

And logic played no part in former Democratic Rep. Pam Keith of Florida’s tweet encouraging Democrats to move to red states in order to turn them blue so they can be just like the states they left. The problem with her tweet is that she pretty much acknowledges that red states have better living conditions thanks to lower housing costs.

If only Democrats would move to Florida, she wouldn’t have lost her race!

Upon one of her supporters saying that they’d rather not live next to such closed-minded people as Republicans, Keith essentially offered up a solution that involves an interstate migrant caravan as the Amish do!


Or — and this is just a wild suggestion — the Democrats can discontinue looking down on people who don’t buy into every coastal elitist position they hear, start voting for the economic policies Republicans have proven work for the states, oust every Democratic politician with horrendous economic positions, then watch as the state changes for the better around you.

No need to screw up everyone else’s lives because they took care of their lawn enough to make it the greener grass you’re trying to get to.

(h/t: Twitchy)


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