Watch: Tucker Carlson Gets Into Heated Confrontation After Man Reportedly Insults His Daughter at a Bar

A cell phone video from October 13 has surfaced of Fox News host Tucker Carlson getting into a heated confrontation with Juan Manuel Granados while in Charlottesville, South Carolina.


According to creepy porn lawyer Michael Avennatti, who said he may file charges on Carlson, the entire incident started with Carlson’s intoxicated 19-year-old daughter approached the bar where Granados was sitting and Granados, not knowing who she is, said: “I can’t believe you’re having dinner with him.”

This apparently resulted in Carlson and his son coming over, throwing wine in Granados’s face, and Carlson telling Granados: “You better get the f— out of here!” This was followed by an unidentified man yanking Granados up by the collar of his shirt, resulting in a slight confrontation.

According to the Washington Post, Granados claims Carlson told him to go back to where he came from before cameras started rolling.

“Tucker threatened me with physical violence and told me to ‘Go back to where you came from,’ before another patron started filming,” Granados said in his statement according to WaPo.

“Why should I get out of here? I live here,” Granados reportedly responded.

Granados is an immigrant from Buenos Aires and has since become an LGBT activist. According to WaPo, he sits on the board of directors at the Women’s Initiative and recently sued a sports club for revoking his membership after the club had discovered that the family consisted of two unmarried men, and didn’t legally match the state’s definition of a family.


Carlson, on the other hand, doesn’t deny that the incident happened according to the Denver Post:

Carlson has not disputed that the incident took place — and even volunteered that his son threw a glass of wine in Granados’ face just before the video began. But the conservative news host denied assaulting Granados and accused him of provoking the scuffle by insulting Carlson’s daughter.

“It took enormous self-control not to beat the man with a chair, which is what I wanted to do,” Carlson wrote in a statement to reporters this weekend, after Avenatti published the video on Twitter.

According to the Carlson, however, his version of the events was way different. He released his side of the story in a statement on Twitter.

You can see the video below:


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