Watch: Elizabeth Warren's Shocked Look as She Learns of an Ethics Complaint Against Her Mid-Debate Is Priceless

Senator Elizabeth Warren

It’s the little things in life.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Not an Indian Reservation) is, at this point, a dead-on-arrival candidate for the 2020 presidential election, but it’s looking like she’s going to keep her Senate seat in Massachusetts for the time being according to the averages given to us by Real Clear Politics.


Despite her more or less assured victory, Warren is still going to defend her Senate seat against Republican Geoff Diehl, and it was during a debate with Diehl that a bomb got dropped on Warren that seemed to stun her.

Apparently, an ethics complaint was filed against Warren after she fundraised off of the confirmation hearings of Brett Kavanaugh, where Democrats were pulling out every dirty trick in the book to stop Kavanaugh from becoming a Justice of the Supreme Court.

According to the Free Beacon, Diehl raised the issue during the debate on Tuesday.

“Senator Warren was fundraising illegally using the vote on Justice Kavanaugh, the confirmation vote, to try to raise money for her campaigns,” Diehl said.

Warren, at first, seemed to ignore Diehl’s comment and attempted to move on by asking Diehl if he ever spoke out against Donald Trump on behalf of Christine Blasey Ford, but the moderators of the debate weren’t going to let that happen.

“I would like to drill down on what Representative Diehl said. The fundraising while the vote was being taken on the Kavanaugh hearing – did you or did you not do that?” asked a moderator.


“Actually, I don’t know,” she replied.

The audience seemed to react negatively to this answer.

“Yes, there’s an ethics complaint that has been filed about a fundraising email,” one moderator added.

Warren, looking and sounding suddenly lost, responded with a shake of her head.

“Then, then I will, I will check into it,” Warren said, “but I don’t know.”

This was followed by an awkward pause in everything.


This isn’t likely to hurt Warren too much in her race against Diehl, but this is just one more thing to throw on the pile of embarrassing things that have happened to Warren. It doesn’t nearly touch her self-destructive test to prove Trump wrong about her Native American ancestry, of which there isn’t any, but it’s still pretty great.



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