No, It's Not Okay That Nancy Pelosi Was Mobbed by Anti-Communists

Screenshot: Twitter Benny Johnson

I despise mobs.

Having been the victim of one myself, I can tell you that there’s something about getting a bunch of angry people together that convinces them to throw sense and critical thought out of the window and devolve into a ridiculous mess of vile behavior and potential violence.


We’ve seen it from the left so often lately. The natural progression of getting in someone’s face and screaming at them to actually committing violence against someone you disagree with politically has been reached and is becoming a natural occurrence on the left. As it stands, a handful of women have been assaulted by some very “progressive” men, and one Republican staffer has even suffered a concussion.

I’ve been on record speaking out against these mob tactics here on RedState and social media. They’re dangerous and do nothing to further the conversation between peoples. All it does is encourage people to act out stupidly in their collective anger.

So when I saw anti-communists using mob intimidation on Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) you can bet that regardless of my disdain for Pelosi, I felt anger on her behalf.


Pelosi is a snake in the grass. She’s a liar, a cheat, and loves to claim the apocalypse is at hand whenever Republicans score even a minor victory. It would be hysterical to watch if she wasn’t the House minority leader. She’s more suited for a “the end is nigh” sandwich board on a busy street corner than a position in Washington.

Regardless of Pelosi’s ridiculous stances, and efforts to bring our constitutional republic into a new age of stagnation and failure, charging her en masse with signs and shouting chants at her isn’t going to make her any less willing to stop doing what she’s doing. In fact, it may embolden her.

Whenever I see the mob attack someone on the right, it only charges me up to strike back at the voting booth and write articles on the subject to let others see it get them motivated as well. If the right adopts this tactic, it will have the same effect. Remember that the left loves victimhood, and will use it to milk every last drop of sympathy and anger they can out of the populace in order to get them angry at the right.


Mobbing Pelosi didn’t teach her anything, it only gave her more ammunition to use. Instead of beating her hysterics back with facts and ridicule, we gave her hysterics a reason to exist.

Just because the left does it, it doesn’t mean it’s okay for Republicans or anyone on the right to as well. Stay away from stupid tactics like mob intimidation. Not only does it embolden the worst kind of people to do worse things, it doesn’t move the needle for us one bit.


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