Another Day, Another Democrat Physically Attacks a Republican

Screenshot: Fox News video

The violence from the Democrats doesn’t seem to be slowing down. In fact, it seems to be increasing.

According to Fox News, a female GOP campaign manager was assaulted by a male Democrat working for American Bridge 21st Century, a Soros funded political group. The group said they fired the man “effective immediately” after his arrest:


The liberal group American Bridge 21st Century announced Wednesday night that it had fired one of its operatives a day after he was arrested and accused of battery against the female campaign manager for Nevada GOP gubernatorial candidate Adam Laxalt.

In a statement, American Bridge said that Mike Stark had been relieved of his duties “effective immediately.”

Fox News reported that Stark was arrested by Las Vegas authorities on Tuesday. Davison said he twisted her arm and refused to let go of it in a description to Fox News:

“This man was physically almost body-checking me,” she said. “I was getting nervous for my safety, so we left, and went into an open room.” However, she said Stark tried to follow her, Laxalt and other staffers into the second room.

“He grabbed my right arm, my leg was lodged between the door and the wall. He twisted my arm, and contorted it behind my back,” she explained. “I was scared. Every time I tried pulling away, he would grab tighter, and pull me closer into him.”

Davison said Stark pulled her head into his chest, bruising her neck, and held her there for several minutes. She said it “felt like an hour.”

“I was scared and screaming ‘stop—you’re hurting me,’” she explained.

Davison said Stark warned Laxalt, saying, “Adam, there’s only one way you can make this stop.”

“That really scared me,” she said.

Fox News reported that this isn’t Stark’s first run-in with police for disorderly conduct around GOP members. He was arrested in October of 2017 for disorderly conduct while at a campaign rally in Virginia for Ed Gillespie.


He was also arrested earlier this year for assaulting another woman, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s press secretary Heather Swift, after a budget hearing before a House committee.

“Assaulting the female campaign manager of the opposing campaign is disgusting and it has no place in our system,” Laxalt campaign spokesperson Parker Briden said according to Fox News. “This mob behavior from the left is out of control. Encouraging violence, as many prominent Democrats like former Attorney General Eric Holder have recently done, is having real, dangerous consequences.”

Without a doubt, the left has gotten completely out of control with their violence and intimidation tactics. Two other members of the GOP were assaulted in Minnesota by Democrats, one of which was a female, and the other a male who suffered a concussion. Oddly, no prominent members of the Democratic party have stepped out to denounce them or speak out to urge a discontinuation of violence by their supporters, with the exception of a handful.




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