WATCH: Kid Rock Slays Reporter With a Single Line While Walking Into White House

Screenshot: Benny Johnson Twitter video

Love or hate Robert Ritchie (AKA: Kid Rock), this undoubtedly will go down as one of his best moments.

While walking to the White House to accompany President Donald Trump and Kanye West in the signing of the Music Modernization Act (MMA), Ritchie was asked if Trump should fire Jeff Sessions.


Ritchie, without stopping, turned his head and responded to the unidentified report.

“They should fire you,” said Ritchie, who proceeded into the White House’s front entrance.

If only he had a mic to drop.

Ritchie was invited to the White House for the signing after having expressed right-leaning opinions, and even going so far as playing up a publicity stunt where he pretended to announce a run for office in the U.S. Senate. After some time of leading his audience along, he finally revealed that it was all an act and that he had no intention of obtaining political power.

It was definitely a low blow for many hopefuls who had come to love and respect the rock artist for expressing the views that he did. Regardless, it seems that he’s maintained some of that credibility with Trump, resulting in his being invited to the White House for the signing of MMA, and the creation of this beautiful moment.

(h/t: Benny Johnson)


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