WATCH: Democratic Leaders of Portland Allow Antifa to Terrorize and Threaten Citizens With No Police Intervention

Screenshot: Ngo Twitter Video

Portland, Oregon, is known for being so far left that it has become nothing short of wacky without the influence of its surrounding state to give it some semblance of balance as Austin does in Texas.


According to the Wall Street Journal’s Andy Ngo, Portland has gotten so bad that domestic terrorist group Antifa can literally take control of the streets, threaten citizens and damage property without any intervention from police.

It sounds unreal that this would happen, but Ngo managed to capture this footage himself, and even called it “routine.” Ngo captured video from October 6 of Antifa members literally directing traffic and threatening those who don’t obey them with violence. Ngo also pans to a police officer sitting down the street taking no action whatsoever as one driver is insulted, screamed at, and threatened.

“This is the type of street anarchy that routinely happens where I live. Here is video from 6 Oct showing Antifa directing traffic in downtown & threatening people who don’t obey with violence. Mayor @tedwheeler, who really runs this town?” tweeted Ngo.


One driver, an elderly man, ignored Antifa’s orders and proceeded to drive wherever he wanted. The Antifa mob attempted to stop his car, and chased after him, one man wielding a baton.

As Ngo said, this isn’t an uncommon occurrence. As he wrote in the WSJ just last August, Antifa members, and ICE protesters swarmed the ICE office in Portland, trapping workers inside and diverting traffic from getting to them. No help came to them for some time because Portland’s mayor refused to send police help:

A mob surrounded ICE’s office in Southwest Portland June 19. They barricaded the exits and blocked the driveway. They sent “guards” to patrol the doors, trapping workers inside. At night they laid on the street, stopping traffic at a critical junction near a hospital. Police stayed away. “At this time I am denying your request for additional resources,” the Portland Police Bureau’s deputy chief, Robert Day, wrote to federal officers pleading for help. Hours later, the remaining ICE workers were finally evacuated by a small federal police team. The facility shut down for more than a week.


Adding later:

Where were the police? Ordered away by Democratic Mayor Ted Wheeler, who doubles as police commissioner. “I do not want the @PortlandPolice to be engaged or sucked into a conflict, particularly from a federal agency that I believe is on the wrong track,” he tweeted. “If [ICE is] looking for a bailout from this mayor, they are looking in the wrong place.”

The mob set up camp behind the building, where they harassed journalists and banned photography. The open-borders advocates also erected an 8-foot wall around their site. I walked through and saw young children, including infants, in squalid conditions and 90-degree heat. Every American flag was defaced. Anarchist and communist flags were unsoiled.

When a domestic terrorist organization can literally take over a city and intimidate its citizens, it’s time to rethink support for those who share an ideological kinship with them.


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