Three BIG Examples of the Left Trying to Silence Others During This Week Alone

It’s only Wednesday, but this week we’ve seen so many examples of the left attempting to silence people who speak out against their viewpoints that range from mockery to psychotic.


Let’s go over some of the stories I’ve covered today and yesterday.

The Dumbing Down of Kanye West:

Kanye West speaks out in favor of Trump and immediately he’s lambasted by everyone in the media, including fellow celebrities. One, in particular, is “Captain America” star Chris Evans who looked down on Kanye from the tip of his upturned nose and declared him so ignorant that it’s “unprecedented.”

He was then challenged to a debate by Turning Point USA’s Candace Owens, which I fully endorsed in a tweet that has been making the rounds on Twitter.

The responses I received for this tweet range from flat out insults to asking why a debate needs to take place at all. While I’ve received plenty of insults, as have Owens and Kanye, no one has yet to stand up and encourage Evans to do so because they have faith that he’ll beat Owens.

While this isn’t taking a platform away from Kanye — he already has one — it is devaluing to the point where many would believe that he’s not worth listening to. Kanye is definitely a person who has to clarify what he meant about something later, making him come off as slightly deranged, but he typically does have a method behind his madness.


Regardless, his message is one of unity and listening to one another. As I’ve written previously, the left wants that like it wants a rabid badger in bed. Communication leads to education. Education leads to a lack of fear. Lack of fear leads to power. Kanye is the most dangerous cultural figure to the left right now, and they’ll pull out all the stops to make him seem like a psychopath where once they held him up as a rap god.

Steven Crowder is Consistently Told He Shouldn’t Be Talking About Rape Culture:

If you haven’t seen Steven Crowder’s newest “Change My Mind” video, wherein he opens up a conversation about hot-button topics or issues, then you should. Crowder decided to tackle the idea of “rape culture” in his latest edition in light of the Kavanaugh sexual assault circus at the TCU campus. Needless to say, sparks began to fly immediately, with one woman devolving into screaming and tears after Crowder refuted some of her claims.

What struck me the most, however, wasn’t the lack of evidence being brought to the table by those willing to debate with Crowder, it was the fact that almost all of them approached him with the attitude that he shouldn’t even be discussing the topic at all.

Be it calling for police action to shut Crowder down, or attempting to appeal to his sympathy for victims to shut down this “triggering” opportunity for conversation, the main theme from those in opposition wasn’t “here’s why I think a rape culture exists,” it was more often “stop talking about this.”


Pro-abortionist roundhouse kicks pro-life woman during a debate:

If you haven’t seen this floating around the internet, I’d be surprised.

A pro-life woman approached a group of pro-abortionist demonstrators and began to argue her points with one man in particular named Jordan Hunt. As she spoke to him, he seemed to brace himself, then roundhouse kicked her.

Violence and intimidation in order to stop those with different opinions is nothing new, and the social justice and hard left love to use it with abandon. Antifa is one such example of the left who continuously and openly promote silencing tactics to prevent others from having their ideas heard if they don’t agree with them, mainly through violence.

While Antifa and Hunt may have no connections to one another, the attitude is the same. Destruction of property or violence to stop any attempt at an argument before it gets its legs. Hunt was perfectly fine with using violence against this woman in order to put her in a position of fear or reluctance of speaking further.

And these are just this week’s examples: 

How often do we hear about silencing and censoring happening from social media platforms that are, by their own admission, run by a leftist hegemony?


I cover recent examples here in this video about Twitter specifically targeting anything outside of their ideological sphere.

How often do we hear about schools, or students within those schools, attempting to shut down speakers because they don’t buy into leftist philosophies? How often do we see the left use their mob tactics in order to force someone into hiding, or off the air?

New stories emerge constantly that show us that conversation and understanding are not what the harder parts of the left desire. They want dominance of the culture, mainly because it means dominance of the mind. If they have a monologue, then they can convince anyone of anything they want. Dialogues, and facts that they would rather not see brought into the light, are something to be avoided at all costs.


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