The Circus Around the Kavanaugh Accusations Exposes the Extraordinary Sexism of the Left

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“Women should always be believed in their accusations against men because men are brutes who can’t control themselves.”

That’s the message that I continuously have seen from the social justice left for years now, and it’s the philosophy that Democrats have adopted because this kind of messaging has proven useful in terms of driving narratives.


This is why Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is under the scrutiny from the media that he is now despite the claims of sexual assault surrounding him being about as substantial as smoke.

To recap, Kavanaugh was accused by Christine Blasey Ford of attempted rape when they were at a party during their high school days. Ford can’t name the date, the witness she claimed was there said he wasn’t, and character witnesses say that Kavanaugh never exhibited any kind of cruelty against women. Ford’s lawyer, Debra Katz, has stated that Ford need not provide any proof anyway because it’s not her job corroborate her story.

Meanwhile, Ford refuses to testify, and Democrats refuse to help despite the fact that they brought this against Kavanaugh after the hearings and before the vote was to take place.

And yet, despite all of the clues leading to this being nothing but a ploy to delay the vote till after the midterms, Kavanaugh is still on the chopping block with the presumption from the media and members of the left that he’s guilty. Not only is he guilty, but he and Republicans are even more horrible for putting the burden of proof on her, and making her back up her very serious claims that could ruin a man’s life forever.


Examples of the Democrats carrying this “listen and believe” narrative are scattered all over the news.

Here’s Sen. Mazie Hirono saying that men are perpetuating these problems and should “shut up” and “do the right thing.”

Former VP Joe Biden straight up said that we should assume that claims of sexual assault from women are true, even if she can’t recall facts about it. released a video featuring celebrities and women reading from the same script telling Ford that she’s brave and that she’s believed, and call for an FBI investigation that the FBI has already said will not investigate because it doesn’t fall into their jurisdiction.

Here’s Joy Behar of the View blanket blaming all men for protecting rapists.

All of them assume that Kavanaugh is guilty by their very words despite a complete lack of evidence.

Why do they assume he’s guilty? I’ll let a very honest moment from feminist and Teen Vogue columnist Emily Lindin in 2017 fill you in on that.


To sum up Lindin’s disgusting rant: Men are trash, and if innocent men have to lose everything for an agenda, then so be it.

Kavanaugh is an innocent man. At this point, there’s pretty much no denying this fact. Everything points to Ford’s claims being a political circus act. Yet all the evidence of Kavanaugh’s innocence cannot stand against the social narrative that men are guilty, if not by the guilt of the crime, then by the guilt of perpetuating a supposed culture of oppression towards women by virtue of being male.


The Democrats are only too happy to abuse this social justice narrative in order to push through their political aims because they are sexist and believe it as Kamala Harris and Hirono likely do and are, or because fostering and growing this narrative greases the wheels for Democrats to protect whatever voting source relates to women’s causes.

As Democrats point at men and the right as being sexists, they expose their own blatant and disgusting sexism.

Men are not monsters. You’ll find the real ones preying on innocent men as they scream victimization.


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