Antifa Groups Advocating for Violence and the Assassination of Trump Still Live On Twitter

Antifa (short for “Anti-fascist”) is a domestic terrorist organization according to the Department of Homeland Security. True to form, posts from Antifa accounts on Twitter are backing up the label.


So it’s odd that Twitter still has many of these Antifa accounts live on Twitter despite blatantly violating their terms of service. This is also disturbing given the trend of Twitter coming down hard on right wingers for even stepping a toe out of line.

According to Far Left Watch, which keeps track of extremist behaviors and events from the left, various Antifa groups are promoting posters that depict the brutal assassination of President Donald Trump on Twitter.

For instance, a poster being promoted by extremist Antifa site known as “It’s Going Down” is pushing a poster that reads “make the guillotine red again,” with a picture of Trump’s face underneath it, obviously implying that Trump should be beheaded.

Another Antifa group, known as the Greater Seattle General Defense Committee, has a still live tweet on Twitter that doxxes ICE agents. RedState will not post the tweet here that contains the link, but will provide the image.

Far Left Watch also noted that Antifa accounts that typically advocate for extreme violence are also still on Twitter, such as “Redneck Revolt”:

There are endless examples of far-left extremist groups using their social media accounts to advocate for political violence but one more that warrants a mention is Redneck RevoltThis paramilitary organization claims to have over 30 active cells nationwide and until recently they offered a downloadable guerrilla warfare manual on their website that included sections on “kidnapping”, “executions”, and “terrorism”.


Antifa account “Crimethinc” is also still live on Twitter:

Another prominent far-left website that uses Twitter and Facebook to advocate for political violence is Crimethinc. This “decentralized anarchist collective” designed a distributed a poster that compares Donald Trump supporters to Nazis and encourages their followers to use violence against them.

That these accounts are still active despite being brazenly pro-violence doesn’t speak well to Twitter’s claims that they aren’t biased. Antifa is known, without a shadow of a doubt, to be the kind of organization that will utilize deadly violence in order to intimidate and silence its opponents. As I’ve covered in detail previously, Antifa has attempted to hand out knives to its members for use against their opponents, have struck opponents in the head with bike locks, and justified destroying property for their cause.

Yet these accounts that promote all of this still stand.

However, Benghazi survivor Chris Paronto was very recently suspended from Twitter saying that Obama didn’t kill Al Queda terrorist Osama Bin Laden, and calling the guy who did say Obama did it a “retard.” As I noted, the word “retard” is used pretty consistently on Twitter with zero backlash, so it’s easy to conclude that Paronto was suspended for more political reasons.


What’s more, as I covered in the video below, Twitter has been known to take zero action against those who promote violence against right-wingers, or their children. What’s more, Twitter employees have been caught on camera admitting that they target right leaning people.

People have been banned from Twitter for far less on the right, and yet a domestic terrorist organization gets to still thrive.



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