Watch: Twitter's Bias is Out of Control

You either have to be willfully ignorant or blessedly free from a life on social media to not notice the obvious political bias of Twitter.

Between the photoshopped picture of a man pointing a gun at Meghan McCain as she wept over her father’s coffin, to the threat against the lives of Dana Loesch’s children, Twitter’s “trust and safety council” seems nowhere to be found when the right is being threatened with harm. Yet if someone on the right so much as looks like he or she is being racist, homophobic, or bigoted, you can bet Twitter admins will immediately show up and suspend or shadowban your account.


In my latest video, I go over some of the examples we’ve seen just in recent history of how biased Twitter is, and how this bias is literally causing them to pardon some of the worst offenders of their own rules while maintaining an iron grip on right-leaning speech.



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