SJWs and Anti-Capitalist Mob Surround, Scream At, and Assault TPUSA's Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens

Earlier today, Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens were having breakfast at a cafe in Philadelphia on Monday morning when a leftist mob shouting “f*ck America” and anti-capitalist slogans surrounded them and began verbally attacking them.


The duo was first confronted inside by a man screaming at them while they were at the table. As they left the building, they ran into more people who had surrounded the cafe’s entrance, and began chanting “f*ck the bourgeoisie.” A man with a whistle and a woman with a bullhorn also began circling very close to Kirk and Owens. Owens told the woman with the bullhorn to keep it out of her face, at which point the leftist mob began screaming.

Police officers followed the duo in order to protect them. The mob shouted “cops and klan, hand in hand” despite the fact that black and Latino members of the police force were among them. At some point, one of the members of the mob poured a liquid onto Kirk from a bottle, though it’s not clear if it was just water or something else.

At one point, Owens shouted to the crowd that she loves the police and America, causing the mob to go into hysterics.


Leftist mobs attacking right-wing individuals while minding their own business in public has steadily been on the rise, but this group seems to have prepared beforehand to find and harass Owens and Kirk.

Despite the drink being thrown on Kirk, an act that constitutes assault, no arrests have been announced, and it’s not clear if Kirk is choosing to file any reports.


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