Media Matters Hires On Former New Yorker Fact Checker Who Claimed Veteran Turned ICE Agent Was a Nazi

When it comes to scraping the bottom of the barrel in terms of getting information on something, Media Matters is the dried, leftover gunk that gets ignored after the barrel is empty.


The organization got that reputation for purposely taking things people on the right have said completely out of context, as well as straight-up lying about things in order to spread misinformation — and sometimes even panic — to anyone who may stumble across their articles. Rest assured, it takes a certain kind of shamelessness to work at Media Matters.

Enter former New Yorker fact-checker Talia Lavin. Lavin recently made waves when she looked over a picture of wounded veteran turned ICE agent Justin Gaertner, thought to herself that it looked like something a Nazi would have, and decided to declare to the world that he was indeed a Nazi.

But you don’t call a military vet who lost limbs attempting to keep others safe from explosives a Nazi. Something Lavin learned the hard way.

Lavin confused what was actually a Maltese Cross, a symbol of his platoon according to ICE. To her credit, Lavin deleted her tweet, but her zeal in painting innocent people as Nazis had already dug her hole a little too deep. ICE itself responded, correcting Lavin and demanding an apology.


Lavin did indeed issue an apology and fell on her sword by resigning from the New Yorker, complaining the whole way down about how she was mistreated by ICE in a twitter thread.

So who should come along and hire the woman who would so readily call someone a Nazi without all the necessary information to do so? Why, Media Matters, of course. Lavin made the announcement that her new post involves researching the alt-right.


Yes. The woman who didn’t know the difference between an Iron Cross and any other kind of cross is going to be Media Matters’ resident expert on the alt-right and neo-Nazis.

That Lavin was hired by Media Matters directly after lying about someone being one of the worst kinds of people humanity has to offer isn’t a mistake. Media Matters is the place where inaccuracy thrives, and a lot of the blatant lies they publish are a feature of the organizations model, not a bug.

Take for instance the time they attempted to lie about Glenn Beck’s bro-hosts Stu Burguiere and Pat Gray blaming the 2010 Manchester shooting on Keith Olbermann directly. They were obviously kidding, but Media Matters posted audio making it sound like they did, while purposely leaving out the rest of the clip that showed they were obviously being sarcastic.

This kind of lie by omission continued through to the present day, when Media Matters lied about Sean Hannity telling those under investigation by Robert Mueller to destroy their data devices. Looking at the transcript, Hannity was actually telling them to do the opposite, but that mattered little to Media Matters who left out crucial details.


They even did it to me rather recently by summarizing my comments to make it seem like I’m looking down on the black community, when really I was agreeing with Kanye — I can’t believe I just typed that — that the Democrats have been trying to control the minds of the black community for some time and unlike Maxine Waters suggestions, black individuals should be able to make individual decisions about who they support and what they believe without being considered outcasts.

I think Lavin will fit in perfectly with the Media Matters crowd. Calling people racist is a very important job to the left, and Lavin has proved that she’s more than willing to do so with minimal to no evidence.


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