Ocasio-Cortez is the Perfect Example of the Ignorance and Ineptitude of Democratic Socialists, and I'm Glad She's Here


New York’s Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the toast of the left right now, but like many things the left tends to celebrate, it’s all hope that this time their inanity will work, followed by the swift realization that their beloved cause célèbre falls so short it can be measured with a single yard stick. 


This is demonstrated in Ocasio-Cortez’s consistent ability to embarrass herself in front of wide audiences. Most recently, the “democratic socialist” labeled Israel as “the occupation of Palestine.” This is, of course, one of the hard left’s favorite talking points, and one of the subjects on which they are most hypocritical.

Just a quick history lesson first. Israel is not the occupation of Palestinian territory. To be realistic, there is no Palestine. If you can show it to me on a map I’ll be happy to retract, but rest assured that “Palestine” is just a lazy way of lumping in every tribe and group in the region, some of which can’t agree on anything with each other, much less with Israel. Then let’s throw in the fact that Israel gave up half its land after the Oslo accords to the Arab territories, including cities with over 98 percent Arabian residency. Israel owns land occupied primarily by Jewish peoples.

Ocasio-Cortez, like any good hard-left Tumblrite-esque progressive, likely doesn’t know this. She’s heard her fascistic friends say it ad-nauseum when discussing Israel, and so she herself popped off with the occupation comment thinking that the media was too friendly to her to dig deeper into her knowledge. Sadly for her — and hilariously for us — the interviewer wasn’t having it. What resulted was an awkward moment for the democratic socialist heroine, who had to admit she knows nothing about Israel.


Ocasio-Cortez, like many other Sanders-esque democratic socialists before her doesn’t seem to have a clue as to what she’s talking about most of the time. As is the way of her ilk, she is a collection of generalized talking points that sound great to those who don’t know any better.

This is the primary strategy of the democratic socialist, however. The movement hinges entirely on popularity, not facts. Sanders, for instance, is the most popular politician here in America due to his ability to create an “us vs. them” atmosphere in terms of class, politics, and social status. He claims to represent the little guy.

Yet a dissection of his “democratic socialist” policies reveal that it’s just flat out socialism, and that it’s the same kind of system used by countries that are currently suffering economically so badly that video game currency is worth far more than their real world currency. Conveniently, Sanders flat out refuses to answer questions about it when pressed.

What’s more, democratic socialists like Sanders don’t seem to want to adhere to the very system they promote. Sanders himself is guilty of owning three very nice homes, and has millions in his campaign accounts while still up to his eyeballs in unpaid campaign debt to the cities who protected him. Let’s also remember that Sanders was kicked out of a commune for refusing to work.


Neither Sanders or Cortez have ever had to truly live in a socialist nation. They have little idea what being in one actually entails, and judging by much of the democratic socialist’s lifestyles, they would be highly disappointed to find out that the system they would force on everyone includes them as well.

To be a democratic socialist isn’t to have the solutions to societal problems, it’s to be an expert at pandering. Ocasio-Cortez carries out that long, proud tradition herself.

Exhibit A:

Like many of the hard-leftists in the political arena, I’m glad for the presence of Ocasio-Cortez. With every interview, the world understands democratic socialism more and more. Hopefully we’ll all realize very soon that it’s a the party of show, not the party of go.


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