Protesters Against Trump Immigration Policies Say Everyone Welcome in US, Including ISIS and MS-13

I don’t want to pretend that every single person on the left is so insanely stupid that they’d welcome actual terrorists into the country…at least on purpose.


That said, the end result that Democrat leadership is pushing for — from politicians to mainstream media sources — is open borders in America. While many are focused on the fact that families looking for economic asylum would be able to come across the border unhindered and then just so happen to vote Democrat, what they aren’t considering is the fact that open borders would also open up the U.S. for major criminal activity.

We’re talking a sex slave trade, hard drug sales, murder, and destruction brought on by terrorists such as ISIS or MS-13. As good as your intentions might be, they’re a miles long section of that proverbial paved road to hell, with groups like the aforementioned two walking merrily on it.

But while I’m sure many do not intend to bring these groups over, there are some on the left who despise Trump so much that they’re willing to do whatever it takes to implement the opposite of whatever he wants.

This includes allowing ISIS to walk in completely unhindered because, according to the protesters Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk interviewed, “everyone deserves to be here.”


As Kirk points out in his tweet describing the video, these leftist protesters aren’t really concerned about the children. In fact, the vast majority of them never truly were.

They raised no stink about it during Obama’s presidency when 90,000 children were separated from their parents. There was no outrage over their conditions then either, which have admittedly improved under Trump. These two points, however, are minor compared to the fact that they’re willing to invite terrorists.

Understand that groups like MS-13 do oftentimes deal in children, and sell them to the highest bidder for sex slavery, or use them to help ferry drugs into the country. They raise them up to be gang members that swell their ranks. ISIS isn’t too dissimilar, only they do it for religious reasons.

Children aren’t safe when gangs and terrorist groups prowl the area. This, however, is lost on leftist protesters who are so blinded by their hatred of Trump that they’d be willing to sacrifice children in order to make his life just a tad more complicated.



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