Calling MS-13 "Animals" Is Putting It Lightly, and the Media's Disgusting Defense of Them Is Just Evil

It’s days like today when I’m reminded that we don’t live in a world of majority grey areas, and there are really black and white differences between what is good and what is bad.

The media’s pearl-clutching over President Donald Trump ripping MS-13 is one such moment. Clearly, there is nothing to defend about MS-13, and yet the media seems aghast that Trump would insult them.

Yesterday, Trump called MS-13 gang members “animals,” and for good reason. This a vicious, bloody gang that kills brutally, and rapes like it’s part of their motto…mainly because it is. Their motto is literally “rape, control, kill.” They’re known for their drug smuggling, sex trafficking, and brutal murders, including one man whom they stabbed 100 times, decapitated, and ripped out his heart.

To say they’re animals is putting it lightly. These are sick barbarians who should be systematically swept from the streets, the worst members made an example of, and be marked as a mistake our nation should have solved sooner in the history books.

But the media believes them worth protecting, so long as they can stick it to Trump.

Here’s the full context of Trump’s comments on MS-13.

Clearly, Trump is referring to the gang, but the media is purposefully misrepresenting Trump’s comments in order to make it seem like he’s commenting on all immigrants. As Joe Cunningham highlighted earlier today, everyone from the New York Times, CNN, and the Washington Post went nuts over Trump once again allegedly showing his racist side.

But as we can see above, the full video is there. He clearly wasn’t speaking about immigrants in general, just MS-13. This is one of the bloodiest gangs in America, and yet the media is attempting to represent them as just another group of immigrants that must be protected from Trump’s hatred.


The media exhibited similar behavior as I covered just yesterday when they decided to represent the Hamas terrorists attacking Israel as peaceful Palestinian protesters. Even the politicians got into the act with Bernie Sanders getting into the game by comparing the Trump family’s celebration of the opening of the Jerusalem embassy to the pain and suffering of these alleged innocent Palestinians.

The proof that these were Hamas terrorists that were being killed by Israeli’s was all over the internet. Even Hamas itself was telling any media outlet that would listen that these were their “martyrs.” Pictures and video of the rioters throwing Molotov cocktails and firebomb kites were circulating around social media like wildfire. Yet, the media continued to blatantly lie as if the truth wasn’t out there for the viewing.


The media’s literal obsession with doing whatever it takes to make life hard for Trump is moving into levels that are nothing short of dangerous. Their defense of Hamas is only going to embolden terrorism, as the terrorist group will come to believe they have the support of the west. Worse still, their running defense for MS-13 will only proceed to trip up solutions to solving the severe problems that the gang brings to this country. Americans will die, women and girls will be raped and sold into sex slavery, and our drug problem will only grow.

The media does not seem to care about these consequences. They only seem to care about bringing down the current Republican in office. This is beyond sick. This is just evil.