Watch: Dave Rubin Attempts to Engage SJW in Conversation, and the SJW Proves That SJWs Aren't Worth Talking To

Campus social justice warriors are a peculiar breed of grown child. They profess to want fairness and diversity, but what they really want is societal power with which to lord over others with their brand of morality and justice. Any who stand in their way must be crushed or silenced.


And if you’re too big to crush, then silence is the name of the game. You can see this time and again with some university students going to great lengths to make sure unapproved voices go unheard. This includes standing in the front of the room to disrupt speakers with noises and chants. This recently happened with both Jordan Peterson and Christina Hoff Sommers, who had to endure screaming, yelling, and even horrible SJW songs.

But another popular figure was also recently silenced, and it came in the form of YouTube personality Dave Rubin, who was speaking at the University of New Hampshire.

Rubin was interrupted by a black woman sitting in the crowd, who had apparently brought a jar with metal objects inside of it. While Rubin was speaking, she would shake the jar and make noise enough to attempt to drown out or throw Rubin off. This caused Rubin to focus on the woman, and attempt to engage her. After attempting to pull a conversation, or allow her to ask a question, she said nothing and continued to shake the jar. It was then that Rubin called her out.

“I’m seriously willing to have a conversation right now. But you won’t question me and you won’t tell me you didn’t like something. Who’s winning right now? Who’s changing more minds? Me or you?”

The woman made no response, but continued to shake the jar. This prompted Rubin to dismiss her, saying he made his point.

According to Rubin, others attempted to disrupt him as well, including a trans individual whom Rubin also attempted to reason with. Sadly, despite Rubin’s solid reasoning, the trans person was not moved to any understanding.


Rubin says there will be more to follow, but until then, he posted a video of his philosophy of cooperation through the individual, not the group identity. In this way, there can be more understanding between people.

This goes completely contrary to the SJW mode of thought, however. For the social justice community, everyone must fit into a box, and you are judged as to whether or not you picked the right box to belong to. Furthermore, you may belong to a certain box such as being black, woman, or in Rubin’s case, gay. However, if you are guilty of subscribing to the wrong ideology then none of this matters. The right-leaning ideology allows for too much individualism.

For SJWs, everyone must fit into a box, and this must accompany obedience.





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