This Kanye, Kardashian, Trump Episode Could Be One of the Biggest Turning Points in Our Culture

During the hilarity that was the media/left (redundant?) freaking out about Kanye’s bomb drop of a revelation that he’s a Trump fan, we may have missed the fact that we could possibly be witnessing a complete turnaround in the culture as we know it.


And I said on Twitter last night, I want to be very clear…

Kanye has an album dropping soon, and like the man he professes now to love, he is a media manipulator. All eyes, at this moment are on Kanye who just did one of the wildest and most controversial things you possibly could in today’s society. He announced that he was on the right. He declared he’s not with the mainstream and is now part of the counter-culture. While we’re all paying attention to him, he can now promote his new album, which may now receive more circulation.

That may or may not be his intent, but either way we look at it, his revelation is sensational, and sensationalism is exactly what Kanye craves.

But motives aside, Kanye’s sensationalism was a catalyst for several things to happen. For one, his wife came to his defense, and as we’re all woefully aware, Kim Kardashian holds more sway in the media and the minds of many than we like to give her credit for.


Even Kim’s mother, Kris Jenner came to Kanye’s defense.

Kim’s defense of Kanye was a counter-culture act in itself, despite the fact that she made it clear that she doesn’t agree with him politically. She committed what was considered a grave sin to the mainstream, which was to say that being a Republican was okay, and having right-leaning thoughts wasn’t a bad thing. That it’s good that Kanye is thinking independently.

The mainstream doesn’t want people thinking independently, and they certainly don’t want people thinking having right-leaning thoughts or loyalties is okay. This has been punishable by blacklisting, mobbing, and generally making the person guilty of wrong-think out to be a social pariah.

But one of the most mainstream of the mainstream just said it’s okay not to be mainstream. The woman that a good many western first worlder consider a role model, American royalty, or just a flat-out obsession gave her blessing about having right-leaning proclivities.

That’s huge, whether you think of Kim Kardashian as the modern day goddess the media has made her out to be, or you think as I do that she’s a woman who got famous by being famous for silly reasons.

But if it was just a very famous wife defending her very famous husband, it proceeded to get worse. Chance the Rapper also weighed in and declared one of the left’s all-time worst nightmares.


That can’t possibly be true according to the left. Just look at the responses to Chance’s tweet either straight up declaring that this can’t possibly be true, or responding with complete confusion.

Thing is, Chance is 100 percent correct. The mainstream culture likes to have boxes that everyone fits into comfortably, and that means that for the black community, they are default Democrats. Black people who lean right wing are often thought of as anomalies and are the recipients of derision, hatred, and dismissal.

Yet here we have Kim Kardashian, Chance the Rapper, and Kanye West all giving off the impression that right-leaning thought can belong to anyone no matter their skin color. That ideas don’t just drop off at a certain melanin level, and that judging the thoughts of anyone by that melanin level is shallow and…wait for it…racist.

If you’re part of the elite left, you’re gripping the arms of your chair. You’re in the river on the edge of the waterfall. The carefully constructed society that was years in the making is under very real threat of changing. The ideas that have been kept penned in for decades could break loose and run free.

Because what just happened wasn’t just an okay from high-profile figures that it’s okay to be right-leaning. It was encouragement from these figures to think for your damn self. That it’s okay to color outside the lines, and not fall in with everyone around you. It was an encouragement to those who have these ideas already to be a little braver in speaking up about what they believe.


The left needed that fear, and that sense of uniformity-or-else to keep many people in line, and the Kardashian, Kanye, Chance, Trump episode just showed that it could very well be ignored.

My hope is that we see more of Chance the Rapper’s attitude pop up among the entertainment industry. I hope we see more of Kim’s brand attitude of acceptance toward thinking outside the mainstream. This could be the start of something so great if we encourage this moment to have its head.

A society of free-thinking individuals with more understanding toward one another. Wouldn’t that be something?


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