Racist, Sexist Fresno State Professor: Everyone is Mad at Me Because of Racism, Sexism

Fresno State Professor Randa Jarrar threw herself into the national spotlight by celebrating the death of Barbara Bush and describing her as a racist. She then continued her rants against the Bush family, saying she was happy because former President George W. Bush was somewhere being sad.


Since then, much has been uncovered about Jarrar. Namely that she’s a psychotic social justice warrior of the highest order who treats men, white people, the right, and pretty much anyone not like her with utter contempt. Her bigotry, racism, sexism and hatred for all things is not at all disguised in her speeches and talks, but for Jarrar it goes beyond just words.

Jarrar has openly advocated for the bombing and leveling of a house of someone she didn’t like named “Spencer.” I’m going to assume it was Richard Spencer, a high-profile alt-righter. While it’s perfectly fine to have a healthy loathing for Spencer, if that is the correct one, encouraging his home be leveled or that grenades be tossed in is still a terrorist act.

But if that’s not enough for you, Jarrar is also on camera promoting the hijacking of planes, albeit “non-violently,” and also purchasing guns and getting stupid in the face of Trump’s election.

Jarrar went beyond speech at one point and directed much of the hate she was getting at a help line for people with mental health issues, clogging their lines and preventing help getting to those who needed it.

Needless to say Jarrar is disturbed individual, and she’s currently getting paid with taxpayer dollars to teach kids to think just like her.


But if you think this entire thing has caused Jarrar to reflect upon her actions, or has urged her to apologize for being so heinous you’d be completely wrong. But one must remember that a social justice warrior is never at fault for their own actions. They’re perpetual victims. Everything is the fault of someone else.

Jarrar sent an email to Yahoo News blaming the backlash for her behavior on every social justice warrior’s favorite straw man. It’s because America is, wait for it…racist and sexist:

Jarrar is of Egyptian, Greek, and Palestinian heritage and her writing — including her semi-autobiographical novel, A Map of Home, and her short story collection, Him, Me, Muhammad Ali — often touches upon Arab-American and Muslim-American themes. When asked if she believes she received more abuse because of her ethnic background, Jarrar said she does. “I am not the only person who has stated the belief that Barbara Bush was a racist,” she explained. “But women of color routinely have their tone policed, their justified anger painted as hatred, and their criticism of injustice framed as racism toward white people.”

How original.

It’s not because this woman is vile from top to bottom, but because she’s a victim of the patriarchal system soaked with racism that she’s had so much hate thrown at her.


Jarrar also addressed her gloating over her tenure at the college as a sexist act as well:

“Some may characterize those tweets as gloating,” she explained. “I would say that when a woman states any facts about her employment, she is usually met with charges of arrogance.” She added that her salary, which she came under fire for sharing, is publicly listed.

The reason many are calling for her firing are pardonable. Despite the support for free speech many hold, her promotion of terrorist acts and her actions involving the mental health hotline put the public in the mind of relieving her of our taxpayer dollars at her state funded college.

It’s clear that Jarrar has no intention of changing her mind about how she goes about conducting herself, and if she comes out of this with little more than a tarnished reputation it likely will only embolden her to act out further.


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