Ted Cruz Clowns Beto O'Rourke and His Very Un-Texan Sensibilities With One Tweet

Beto O’Rourke, or as I like to call him, “Wendy Davis 2: Election Boogaloo,” can’t stop wedging himself deeper into the loser column much in the same way his predecessor did.


O’Rourke doesn’t seem to understand what Texans want and believes that his brand of hard-leftism is exactly what the most famous red state in America truly desires deep down inside. This was evidenced by a tweet he decided to make which dumped on an article his opponent and incumbent Republican Senator Ted Cruz wrote in TIME on how much fun it is to watch Donald Trump’s agenda play out.

Without a doubt, there are definitely parts of the Trump agenda that are fun to watch play out, and others that I honestly wish wouldn’t, but that’s a different article. What IS fun is watching the left’s reaction to the events, partly because their reaction is only going to keep them out of office, and a good chunk of the country is perfectly okay with that.

And the absolute rage from the left is a large part of what Cruz was getting at in his TIME blurb. Trump, in his better moments, is doing some serious good for Americans, and watching the left act like Nancy Pelosi at the State of the Union at every turn has been eye-opening. They sneer, furrow their brows, and cross their arms as we get tax breaks, more jobs, and for once, the media is the one on the defensive. All of this is desperately needed.

But for some reason, O’Rourke just isn’t getting that. In an article for Medium, he wrote how he believes Cruz calling Trump’s actions “fun to watch” is not a comment that “represents Texas.”:


Within the article, O’Rourke goes into all the typical social justice left accoutrements that come with attacking someone on the right. Trump is racist, he mistreats Dreamers, people are going to die because he messed with Medicare. He even takes a swing at Betsy DeVos. He notes that all of this stuff is not what Texans want.

Has Beto O’Rourke ever been to the state he’s currently running to represent in the Senate?

Ted Cruz has his finger more on the pulse of Texas than his opponent does, and let O’Rourke know in his response on Twitter.

The left is currently going all in on O’Rourke, but they’re doing so with a severely bad hand. O’Rourke is a Soros favored candidate, and Soros isn’t exactly the most well-liked person in the state of Texas. Much of the Lone Star State views him as the source of many of their country’s woes, and with Soros pulling O’Rourke’s strings you can bet Texans aren’t going to be willing to attend the puppet show.


Rest assured, O’Rourke isn’t helping the situation himself, either. Aside from rattling off declarations that make him sound more like Elizabeth Warren than Greg Abbott, O’Rourke is prone to rookie mistakes. For one, he thinks that the further he drifts to the left the more he’ll attract voters. This includes promising to vote for Trump’s impeachment.

For one, the Senate doesn’t vote to impeach a president, it can only try the impeachment. It’s the House that votes to impeach. Apparently, O’Rourke doesn’t understand the powers and limitations of the office he’s running for. Secondly, impeachment is just not as popular as he thinks, even among his fellow Democrats. Even party leadership is backing away from the idea with all stealth.

O’Rourke seems to be a small freshwater fish trying to make it in the harsh conditions of the Gulf of Mexico. If the pink shoe’d remains of his predecessor are any indication, he’s going to get eaten alive come election time.



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