Kyle Kashuv Knocks Down David Hogg's Narrative, and Laments the Use of His Peers as Shields

The sad reality of the atrocity that was the Parkland shooting is that it was quickly followed by a tragic series of events that have marked a serious low point in our political history.


As I’ve outlined just earlier today, the knowing use of children as shields by which to hide behind while politicians, media, and activists lob attacks from both behind and through the kids is both cowardly and disgusting.

I’m a firm believer that people like David Hogg and Cameron Kasky should have voices that should be heard. However, the way these kids were nefariously coached to act as a mere tool and pushed onto the world stage where they were told that all of their ire, anger, and gross behavior they displayed was not only righteous but commendable, is tragic in itself.

These kids were used and may wind up with little to show for it.

Kyle Kashuv, one of the Parkland students who survived the shooting, has been largely ignored by the media, and perhaps that’s for the best. Kashuv doesn’t subscribe to the same gun control narrative his fellow students were seduced into promoting so viciously, and is both angry and saddened by what’s become of he and his peers.

Sending out a series of excellent tweets, Kashuv got to the very heart of the matter by focusing on the rise of his fellow student David Hogg, who has exhibited some of the most despicable behavior since the shooting occurred.


Kashuv lamented the fact that his fellow students were put squarely into the same circles as activist organizations that associate and promote some of the worst people imaginable. These very organizations then used both the Parkland shooting and the students to push their own agendas.

This hijacking included the March for Our Lives, which went from being a student-led march to a leftist activist funded and fueled venue for some of the worst divisive political grandstanding we’ve seen in a while.


As Kashuv reflects back, we can see how things got out of control faster than we could keep track.


Kashuv then highlighted the reprehensible behavior of Hogg, who seems to be spiraling out of control on some occasions.

And the hypocrisy of Hogg lashing out at others while being aghast that they would strike back is astounding, especially for Kashuv.


Kashuv goes on to highlight Hogg’s attacks on Rubio and the NRA, saying that his provocative statements about Rubio being funded at the cost of lives weren’t provocative enough.

I feel for Kashuv, who has been ignored by the media, shunned by the activist organizers, and attacked by his fellow peers. All of this while Kashuv is the only one actually making any difference in D.C. by helping get legislation passed.

I think it’s time to stop and ask where we should start drawing the line in terms of using the children of tragedies as props, and knowing when we’re doing more harm than good for them. We don’t need to confront a wrong with another wrong.



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