Repealing the 2nd Amendment Opens Up a Can of Worms You Don't Want Opened

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I’m not sure why the left hasn’t thought through their current parading around of former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens New York Times article on repealing the 2nd Amendment.


Just to get the obvious out of the way, repealing the 2nd isn’t just something that happens with the snap of a finger. First, you’d need a new amendment to replace the one you’re repealing, and that must be voted in by 2/3 of Congress. Then 3/4 of the states must approve the amendment.

And that’s just the summarized version of events. Don’t even get me started about the wheeling, dealing, and stealing it would take to have an amendment passed. Especially if it’s an amendment to repeal something from the bill of rights. It’s safer to say that repealing anything from the bill of rights just isn’t happening. You can hardly get enough congressmen to agree on a small bill, much less get 38 states to agree to repeal one of the most beloved amendments.

But let’s say that by some work of the devil himself, it did happen. Let’s say we repeal the 2nd Amendment and guns are banned. Nothing but unicorns and rainbows, right?

You couldn’t be more wrong.

Firstly, you didn’t ban guns from the United States. We’ve had so many in circulation for hundreds of years that you now have a massive stockpile of illegal weapons just sitting in people’s closets, drawers, etc. You can order that these guns be delivered to your nearest law enforcement agency, and in the interest of being law-abiding, I’m sure many firearms will find their way into the hands of the authorities.


But then you’d have problems with people who refuse to give up their firearms. As far as many Americans are concerned, owning a firearm is a right with or without a constitutional amendment. Our guns will stay right where they are, if not just a little more out of sight. But the guns from the (previously) law-abiding aren’t necessarily the guns you have to worry about. In fact, they rarely were in the first place, but that’s another conversation.

Repealing the right to own firearms in a country soaked to the brim with guns will only serve to create a black market. People will understand that weapons are now far more valuable than before, and will buy, trade, and sell weapons with zero oversight from the government. Some very well might end up in the hands of a good guy, who won’t use it for evil despite the illegality of the weapon. However, some criminals will continue to acquire these weapons for nefarious purposes.

Not that they aren’t doing that already, but at least before we had good guys with guns to stop them. Repealing the 2nd just put those folks into hiding. So good luck, as the statistics show you just helped violence increase greatly.


But now you’ve got a bigger problem on your hands.

Aside from the open invitation to criminals to ride roughshod over the now disarmed American people, you’ve cracked a Pandora’s box of amendment repeal lunacy. I’d like to remind everyone that the First Amendment has never been less liked than it has been today. The very same youth many wish to give the vote because they hate the Second are also famous for hating the First.

Polls have come out giving numbers as to how many millennials wish to repeal or restrict the First Amendment, but all of them are frightening.

WaPo, for instance, found that 40 percent of millennials believe 1A shouldn’t protect “hate speech.” Keep in mind that much of what is considered “hate speech” nowadays is whatever hurts somebody’s feelings, which in effect could be anything at any time.

By repealing the 2nd, you give rise to the idea that any amendment could, and should be repealed. There will be movements, and activists groups that pull out all the stops to repeal the First in the interest of a “more civil society” and “safety.” Politicians, in an effort to stay in power, will begin parading around the idea that they were always in favor of restricting 1A and will vote to make the United States a better place for everyone.


Maybe not that year, or even the decade, but eventually the fall of the 2nd Amendment will lead to the fall of others. The First Amendment might go because being mean and offensive in this country only leads to conflict. The Fourth Amendment might go because we obviously have a lot more gun violence before, and searches and seizures should be carried out in order to make us safer. So on, and so on.

Rest assured, the 2nd Amendment isn’t going anywhere. If it did, however, then the good intentions of the ignorant would land the country in a real bad way.



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