John Oliver Sends Rabid Trolls After Mike Pence's Daughter for Writing a Children's Book, but She Has the Last Laugh

The left hates Donald Trump with the passion of a thousand burning suns, but I’m pretty convinced that they hate Vice President Mike Pence with a loathing that goes somewhat deeper.


While Trump makes being hated by the left look easy by tweeting, saying, and doing infuriating things, all Pence has to do is stand there. He’s your typical mild-mannered, white, male, Christian, patriotic American and there is absolutely nothing the left hates more than that. Celebrities and Olympians alike go out of their way to insult Pence, even to the point of insulting innocent bystanders in the process. His mere existence drives them insane.

In fact, they hate Pence so much that they’re willing to go after his innocent family members who did nothing except be related to Pence. This includes his daughter, Charlotte Pence.

Charlotte recently released a children’s book in collaboration with her mom, Karen Pence, who contributed illustrations called Marlon Bundo’s Day in the Life of the Vice President. The book revolves around a tour of the White House from the perspective of the Pence family’s pet rabbit, Marlon Bundo. It’s completely a-political with zero opinion, or commentary involved. It’s just an innocent children’s book that gives kids a look into the White House.

Enter John Oliver, who apparently can’t stand the idea of the Pences having any kind of happiness or success, no matter how innocent.

Oliver decided to go on a rant about how Mike Pence hates gay people (Narrator: “He doesn’t“) and announced the release of his own book called “A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo,” where the Pence family bunny is gay and falls in love with another rabbit named Wesley. VP Pence even makes an appearance as the bad guy, going by the name “Stink Bug,” who forbids the marriage of Bundo and Wesley.


Oliver’s attack on Pence’s daughter’s book is, frankly, kind of lazy. His hate for Pence is so great that he and his team created something that reminds me of an elementary school insult, and thought it was funny enough that to be fit for release.

“Nice book, stupidhead! Your bunny is gay, and your dad is a stink bug!”

The only saving grace here is that Oliver announced that proceeds from his book will go to support an AIDS charity.

It’s a bad enough look to go after Pence’s daughter, but when the best your team of comedy writers on a major cable news show can come up with is something I could have asked my neighbor’s 10-year-old kid to do for free, then it’s time to renegotiate salaries.

If the story ended there, I’d write Oliver’s cringey attempt off as just one more shrug-worthy attack on Pence, but sadly it doesn’t.

Oliver’s fans decided to take a trip to Amazon to leave one-star reviews on the book, and populate the reviews with nasty messages about Pence. Amazon itself had to step in and stem the tide of awfulness that dominates the page, deleting the vast majority of the “reviews” but some of them still remain.

Ben Shapiro also managed to screenshot a few before Amazon removed them.


This, ladies and gentleman, is the superb way in which the left brings us all together.

The Pences have already responded — namely, Charlotte has — to Oliver’s nastiness. As a Pence will do, her response was filled with nothing but class, and even cheered on his book for the purposes of charity.

Well done, Charlotte. You just clowned the clowns.


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