SJWs Attempt to Storm Jordan Peterson Lecture, Suggest Trapping and Burning Him and Attendees Alive

Social justice warriors are children who are trapped in the bodies of growing adults, and the recent attempt to shut down a Jordan Peterson lecture shows just how childish they can be.


During a lecture at Queen’s University, SJWs united to protest Peterson and those attending by first barricading doors with trash cans. As they did so, one of the SJWs suggested they lock them in and burn the building down. Some took to the hallways of the building to scream and chant at passers-by.

As the speech commenced, SJWs pounded on windows and chanted and cheered outside. One of the SJWs broke off pieces of the stained glass window as he was pounding on it.

Eventually, the SJWs made their way inside and began to disrupt the proceedings by screaming at the crowd. Two of them took to the stage and held up a sign that read “freedom to smash bigotry.” They were eventually booed off stage and removed.

The SJWs are so concerned with bigotry smashing that they don’t see that they themselves are being highly bigoted. SJWs continuously paint their opposition as every social pariah under the sun, including racists, sexists, homophobes, etc., in order to excuse the behavior they engage in. According to them, any damage they do to property or person is done in the name of their morality, and thus a good.

Taken to its extreme you have Antifa, which is popular for using violence and destruction to shut down speeches they don’t like. This was seen on Monday when Antifa attempted to storm a talk featuring Carl Benjamin (aka Sargon of Akkad), which quickly devolved into a melee where Antifa was routed by attendees who became violent themselves in self-defense.


Also on Monday, SJW protesters attempted to disrupt and shut down an event featuring Professor Christina Hoff Sommers by playing music loud enough to drown her out, and sang songs to ensure she didn’t get to speak.

The violence and bigotry of the social justice community prove that they themselves are the fascists, not those whom they claim are fascists. Both Peterson and Sommers are professors who engage in fact-laden debate, and do or say little to actually provoke the social justice community directly. These attacks come because the SJWs don’t want anything they say to be even heard. For them, free speech should begin and end at whatever line they’ve drawn that day.

This is not only worrisome for social and political discourse, but it’s frankly scary to think what might happen at some point because they believe truly that what is said is harmful and evil. What if, in their quest to rid the world of said “evil.” They really do barricade a building and set it on fire?

Something has to be done about the SJWs, and the professors that create them.




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