The Political DREAMer Monster Created by the DNC is Now Eating Its Maker Alive

Democratic politicians have been using DREAMers as a weapon by which to slam their Republican opponents as racist, or uncaring when it comes to children. They’ve used those who were brought here as children as shield and a sword, and sat back as the activists this has created appeared on mainstream cameras everywhere spreading the words about the right’s evil aims.


But now it appears the DREAMers have figured out they were being used as pawns in a political game for votes, instead of being the cared for group of people the DNC told them they were. And they aren’t happy.

According to the Daily Wire, DREAMers got together to block the entrance to the DNC on Independence Ave. in Washington, D.C. while wearing pajamas to symbolize their “dreamer” status. The protesters had to be forcibly removed by police as they sang, chanted, and preached their rejection of the Democratic party.

And many of them had some brutal criticisms for the DNC, according the Daily Wire:

“For years I’ve been told that Republicans aren’t my friends, and they don’t care about my community,” said one DREAMer.

“I’m here to say ‘no,'” he continued. “I’m withdrawing from the Democratic Party. I will not be working on any other campaigns. I will not be advocating for Democrats until something happens for my brothers and sisters.”

“I went down to the DNC and I took back what they stole from me and I took back my dignity and I took back my humanity!” said another.

The protesters rounded out their demonstration with a chant, “Too many years, too many lies!” referencing a nearly 12 year span between Democrats’ initial promise of immigration reform and DACA expiration.


There was also footage of the protest itself, which featured protesters in pajamas shouting things like “Undocumented. Unafraid,” and that the DNC should do its job.

This is not the first time DREAMers have turned on leftist figures that claim to support them. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was had a press conference event stormed by dreamers who shouted her down and eventually forced her to leave the building.


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