Google Suspended Popular Anti-Social Justice YouTuber Sargon of Akkad Despite Zero Strikes on His Account

If you’ve never heard of YouTube’s Carl Benjamin, more commonly known as Sargon of Akkad, then the short version is that he’s one of the leading voices of the anti-social justice crowd. His channel is packed to the brim with commentary videos that are either debunking false claims, putting reason up against unreasonable people, or just shining a light on some of the more ridiculous aspects of the hard left. You might not agree with all of Benjamin’s stances, or his methods, but one thing for sure is that he’s no friend to the progressive left. His criticisms are harsh, but typically very fair.


And without warning, Google has completely suspended his account.

What was his crime? Well…we’re not sure yet, but being guilty of wrong-think might be the answer.

Google has made it an openly apparent that the corporation is not friendly to right leaning thought. It fired James Damore for writing a memoir that pointed out the company’s lack of ideological diversity due to leftist bias, and that the lack of women in tech is due more to biological leanings than patriarchy. It suspended the YouTube account of famed clinical psychologist, University of Toronto’s Dr. Jordan B. Peterson in the middle of his biblical lecture series for no discernible reason other than that he “violated terms of service.”

YouTube interviewer Dave Rubin conducted an experiment, one where he insulted capitalism in the video’s title, and one where he insulted socialism. The capitalism video was left alone by the YouTube flagging community. The socialism video was demonetized almost immediately.

Then it was discovered that the hard leftist Southern Poverty Law Center was policing YouTube for improper content. The SPLC is popular for throwing around the term “hate group,” and labeling people “alt-right” or “extremist” at the drop of a hat.


Benjamin commonly defended Donald Trump from the get go, and called out the left’s consistent derangement surrounding Trump and his election to office. This oftentimes put him at odds with social justice groups, whom he castigates regularly, but who seem to have a mighty hold on Google and YouTube.

Benjamin’s suspension wasn’t an “if,” it was a “when.”

So this is just a drop in the bucket to Google’s increasingly open leftism, and ideological bigotry toward those who don’t share their outlooks. What’s more is that this is overtly frightening. Google is one of the main distributors of information, be it search results or email.

What Google has done, not just with Benjamin’s suspension but with it’s continued acts of unfair bias actions, is that even if you do follow the rules, you can be suspended or deleted at the drop of a hat if your message is somehow displeasing to any of the flaggers. With all of those flaggers being as left leaning as the SPLC, anyone is subject to elimination.

I wish this were hyperbole, but the pattern seems to fit.

Even if you don’t agree 100 percent with Benjamin, this should both outrage and scare you. If Google gets comfortable silencing those it disagrees with, there’s no telling where the censorship will stop. And with almost everyone using Google’s platform for information distribution in some way, this could have massively damaging effects.



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