The Fight for Our Gun Rights Is Exhausting Enough Without Us Having to Fight Our Own President

I said from the beginning that if Trump does the right thing, he should be praised for it. I also said if he does the wrong thing, then he should be lambasted for it. Wednesday is one such time when the latter is appropriate.


The right has been fighting against attempts from the left to allow the government to exercise overbearing power over the citizenry, specifically when it comes to firearms. The idea of being able to prohibit gun ownership because a citizen once looked at someone funny gets their mouth watering. It’s why they pushed so hard for the no-fly list gun ban, despite the fact that the no-fly list is more inaccurate than a CNN segment about AR-15’s.

Whenever a shooting happens the left doesn’t bother waiting for the bodies to cool. They immediately jump into action, putting blame on America’s supposed “gun problem,” and pointing at the Dark Lord of the Republican party, the NRA, with its lidless eye gazing upon the U.S. from its tower in Northeastern Mordor. To date, the NRA has never killed anyone, and the “gun problem” America is experiencing is more due to the fact that politicians, activist groups, and the mainstream media promote blind fear of firearms more than they do education and training.

Realists will recognize that our nation is a nation built on the idea of firepower being at the disposal of the average citizen, and should he require it, he has various rights and protections afforded to him that protect his use of it. Guns, especially after decades of circulation and construction, are not going to disappear. Even if they were made illegal tomorrow, the gun trade within the U.S. border would still be vibrant and profitable.


Republicans have largely accepted this fact, and recognize why the American people are so keen on keeping their weapons. They pair with the NRA so well because the NRA is an organization that has also accepted this idea. Guns are here to stay, and there’s no getting around it.

But Trump, who I’m told is a Republican, split from this understanding and put fuel on an already out of control fire currently being fanned by the left. In one fell swoop, Trump gave the NRA hysteria its head from within the right, suggested we sweep due process off the table when it comes to firearms, and promoted the idea of making the rifles of millions of Americans illegal.

What makes it worse is that this was said by the man whom the left hates more than anyone on the planet. The man who is currently sporting the given title of “liderully Hitler,” and in whom the left has such a monumental hatred that I truly do believe they’ve developed a derangement syndrome around. He is, by the left’s description, both the moral and ideological leader of the Republican party which they hold as the home ofmodern-dayy evil.

And the leader of that party that is diametrically opposed to their ideological stances just agreed with some of the most extreme bits of the left’s wish list.

We on the right spend a lot of time gathering facts, statistics, figures, and reason laden arguments as to why our rights must be secured. After any atrocity, the right and gun rights advocates fight against big odds to educate and reason with the public. They do this against celebrities, mainstream media hit jobs, and activist scaremongering. We work overtime to inject reason into a nation that is understandably emotionally distraught. It’s not an easy thing to do, but it has to be done if we’re to protect the rights that are ours by divine grace.


We expect our leaders to stand firm with us in this exhausting battle, and fight the battles they promised they would at our behest. Trump made those same promises. He was applauded on stages for saying he would defend our rights, and prohibit any incursion some might make.

And yet, in that single meeting he turned on us, like the story of the snake he’s so fond of telling at speeches. He bit, and the venom is now in the veins.

It’s not only heartbreaking for those who fight the cultural and political war so vehemently on behalf of their countrymen, but it’s also an open door for so many more problems.

What kind of problems will this cause? Emboldened Democrats who will now surge forward with radical policies with the President’s blessing? Cowardly Republicans who won’t fight as hard if it means going against Republican leadership? Voters who will fall into lockstep with whatever Trump says fighting with members who should, for all intents and purposes, be on the same side of the issue?

A house divided cannot stand, and Trump just divided the House while uniting with the Democrats. Because of this, the fight to keep our gun rights solid alone didn’t just get harder — everything else did. We don’t know who to trust, and the right’s belief platform is now on shaky ground.

Trump needs to make a solid decision. Either he’s going to protect our rights, or he’s going to fight against them. Either he’s for liberty, or he’s for tyranny. There is no in between here.


I hope he chooses liberty, walks back everything he said against firearms at that meeting, and proceeds to put the Republican party back on the right course. If he doesn’t, this divided party will allow a strong shade of blue to creep in, and the fight for our rights will be done on our heels, not on our toes.



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